20 Real Jobs You Won’t Believe People Do

Breath Odor Evaluator

Believe it or not, there are actually people out there who are paid to smell other people’s morning breath. They also smell the breath of individuals after they eat or drink something with a strong stench, like garlic or coffee. They can then compare the gross-smelling breath with how their breath smells after chewing a gum or mint.

Crack Filler

Don’t let your imagination wander too far — these people are the ones who go around and fill in damaged parts to some of our nation’s most treasured monuments, such as Mount Rushmore.

Tampon Tester

Yep, somebody has to do it. These people test upwards of a couple hundred tampons a day to make sure they absorb and expand correctly.

Potato Chip Inspector

These lucky individuals get to survey cooked potato chips as they pass by on a conveyor belt, and pick out the ones that weren’t cooked correctly. Hopefully they get to eat the bad ones, because how bad can a potato chip really be?