20 Prom Photo Fails That Will Make You Not Miss High School

The prom is a big time in the lives of every high school student. They spend all this money on getting the perfect dress, renting a tuxedo, buying flowers and renting a limo for the date. It is a time for everyone to get dressed up, dance and have a good time. It is also a time when photos are being taken left and right to capture the moment, which is something most of these people are probably regretting now. Check out these prom photo fails that will have you questioning what was going through their mind at that time!

Keep It Classy

Is it just us or do these students look a little old to be going to the prom? Maybe it is some of the teachers having a little too much fun for the cameras, but we don’t know if a garter belt is appropriate for prom!

Pose On This Rug

They had a professional cameraman taking photos at this prom and they brought a rug with them? Unless that is her hairstylist, why else would she be laying on the rug and letting him sit on her while doing her hair?