20 Pranks You Should Try On Your Friends

Caramel Onion

This one is simply delightful and mouth-watering. Instead of creating caramel apples, remove the stem and exterior of an onion and coat it with caramel and shove some sticks in. Give this one to someone you’re not particularly fond of.

Mentos Ice Bombs

Everyone loves having a bit of ice in their drink on a warm summer’s day. However, for that friend that can’t live without their beloved soda, you may want to try something different. This one takes some pre-planning, though. Shove a Mentos inside the water you’re going to freeze, then let the freezer do the rest. Pop one in their drink and wait eagerly.

Horrible Smells

Carefully peel off the wrapper to your friend or family’s favorite scent, such as a Glade spray bottle. Replace the bottle with something that smells horrifying, and then put the wrapper around the can, hiding what is really underneath.

Snake Head

This one requires a public supermarket, such as Kmart or Walmart. Bring along a plastic snake, then hide it somewhere within the produce section, preferably with a fruit or vegetable that is pre-bagged. Shoppers will get a scare as they see the snake’s head sticking out.