20 Pictures Proving That Cats Are Jerks

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There are probably nice cats out there, cats that will listen to you, cats that like to cuddle. They are, however, the exception that proves the rule — these pictures prove that cats are jerks. These cats are selfish, annoying, and sometimes quite violent. They like to see their humans struggle, and they don’t get along with other animals, either. Their hi-jinks will make you laugh, they might remind you of cats you know, and ultimately, they may make you think twice about buying a cat.

Back Outside You Go

This dog just wants to come in, but this cat doesn’t want to share the house with a smelly dog.

He Thought They Were Playing

This woman’s face says it all. All she’s trying to do is some yoga and her cat decides it’s time to jump on top of her and scratch her face.


Cats aren’t just mean to humans, but they can be mean to each other. Just look at this cat giving another a swirly.

Does This Hurt?

This poor dog just came home from the vet. He already hates the cone they put on his head. His roommate, the cat, however, has to add insult to injury and sit on it.

He’s Just Going To Sit Right There

This cat has a mind of his ow, he doesn’t care that you don’t want your face in his butt. He’s going to sit wherever he wants.

She’s Just Trying To Help

Who is the bigger jerk here? The cat sitting on the sick woman’s back or the person who is taking a picture of their friend puking?

Who Knows How This Happened

I don’t know what happened. There was a toilet paper roll there. I played with it and then the next thing I know, your hallway is a mess. Maybe someone broke in?

If Looks Could Jill

It is the dog’s first day in his new home. The cat has been staring at him for hours; someone doesn’t like his new roommate.

She’s Nesting

This cat has been watching birds too much. She decided to imitate their nest using those handy paper towels she found in the kitchen.

He Doesn’t Want The Little Bed

Never mind that it’s the Dog’s bed. This cat wants the bigger bed, because, well, it’s bigger.

No Kiss For You

You can just tell from this cat’s face that he’s annoyed.

Talk To The Paw

This cat doesn’t want to hear what she wants to say.

Not Going For A Walk

This cat isn’t interested in a walk today. He doesn’t understand why his puny human underling can’t just carry him. Maybe if he goes limp, the human will get the picture.

Oh, You Were Playing Here?

See, the table looked so comfortable, she decided to take a nap. Right in the middle of your board game.

Out Of The Doghouse

It’s wet outside and Princess the Cat doesn’t want to get her paws wet. So, the best solution? Kick the dog out of his own house. Just look at the sad face on that poor dog.

You Want Me To Poo There?

This cat didn’t want to move centimeters to the left or the right. She wanted to see her human clean it all up right from in-between the litter boxes.

Just Looking Out The Window

This cat really hates blinds. Or the person taking the picture. Or both.

I’ll Take This Chair

This cat insists on taking the comfortable office chair, forcing her elderly human to use a stool.

You Don’t Need That Hair

This particular photo may be photoshopped, but it shows a real, everyday reality. Cats steal toupees and wigs.

Your Bed Looked Nicer

This might be a blessing in disguise for this dog. No dog likes being put in a cage. So, the cat takes his bed. At least the dog doesn’t have to go in the cage. If only he was smart enough to lock the cat in…