20 Photos Of Animals Being Jerks

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Yes we know animals can be cute and cuddly when they choose to be. The problem is, they don’t always choose to be. From scratching your eyes out to pooping in your shoes, sometimes animals can be downright rude. Let’s be honest though sometimes these actions are provoked, if you mistreat an animal, of course they will retaliate. But provoked or not, there are instances where animals can just be jerks, and when they are the results are often quite hilarious.. See for yourselves!

Cat Attack

Read a book you say? Not on my watch buster!

Racoon Envy

This Racoon is clearly jealous of her gorgeous blond locks. She might need a wig after this!

Doggy Seat

Move your car-seat out the way kid; I need to be near the window!

Rude Dog

I need something comfy to sit on, oh wait this fluffy cat will do!

Butt Biting Swan

This swan likes big butts and he cannot lie, or maybe he hates big butts, its hard to tell!

Bird Poop Gang

Clearly this was a planned attack by a flock of birds to wreak vengeance on this poor girl.

Jealous Pup

It’s clear that this dog doesn’t want her in the picture; they should just take separate photos and crop her in before someone gets hurt!

Bird Food

Girl: Time to enjoy my yummy looking sandwich.

Bird: wait did she say sandwich, I’ll take that, i’m literally starving!

Messy Dog

I don’t know how that mess happened, I swear!

Duck Thief

They clearly have a system in place; distract unsuspecting woman while mother duck steals her cash!

Angry Elephant

You told me I could save a ton of money on car insurance by switching to Geiko, you liar!

Eye Pecking Bird

For someone getting their eyes pecked by a bird, this guy sure seems happy!

Biting Meerkat

You think this little critter is trying to bite the little boy’s leg; I think he’s just trying to escape to the other side by any means possible.

Lazy Cat

You better kneel on the floor Grandpa, cause I’m not moving from this seat!

Bird Bath

I really need a shower: Oh look a chocolate fountain — that will do.

Cat Bully

Take that… NERD!

Goat Fury

This is what happens when you try to turn a goat into a house-pet. Duh!

Couch Killer

On one hand this couch is completely destroyed, but on the other hand the color didn’t really match the decor anyway!

Security Goose

You hire a goose as your security and then you complain when it actually secures the entrance. You just can’t please some people!

Cat Topping

Extra cheese, extra pineapples and extra cat hair please!