20 Of This Week’s Funniest Tweets

Twitter is a great social media outlet used as a tool of communication, mainly by younger generations to converse with one another, learn about issues in their world, and search for certain topics by using “hashtags.” On Twitter, you can only use 140 characters to formulate your thought, which has proven to be frustrating for some; while others have accepted the challenge.

While the world of tweeting is foreign to many, it still provides many hilarious jokes, ideas, and reasons to smile, that may not have become publicly viewed otherwise. Enjoy this list of the funniest tweets from this week!

​This Person’s Healing Method

If there’s anything that can wake a person up from a coma, it’s bad music.

​This Guy’s Questionable Search History

We can’t tell if he’s being attacked by armored cats, or if he is putting together an army of armored cats…

​This Person’s Hero Humor

Lois Lane is a clever little fox.

​This Girl’s Accurate Perception of Modern-Day Romance

Forget art; just pick a good Instagram filter.

​This Mime’s Job Loss

It seems as if this mime will have to pretend to be working now.

This Girl’s Severe Lack Of Empathy

I guess we just lost 93% of our energy restraining ourselves from the same thing whilst reading this tweet.

This Person’s Genius Idea

Quit your day job right now – this person’s on to something.

This Guy’s Dependency On His Boss

Some people just weren’t made to be leaders.

This Guy’s Lack Of Understanding

The age old question: what is fleek?

This Guy’s Fake Girlfriend

He just wanted them to “know” that he has a “girlfriend.”

This Man’s Greatest Skill

He should teach a class called “How To Blow People’s Minds: 101.”

This Lady’s Great Idea

People want to be stranded on dessert islands…

This Confusing Club

How does one compete with such logic?

Jim’s Management Training

If your dream career is managing a dollar store, follow these steps.

This Person’s Genius Way Of Making People Feel Awkward

The sad thing is that his only chance to use this line was on Jeopardy…

This Guy’s Basketball Meme

The funniest part of this is the coach’s face in the background.

This Person’s Use Of Facetime

This is narcissism at its finest…

This Guy’s Fashion Crime

Bandana’s are the equivalent of murder in the fashion world.

These Modern Day Seashells

These sound like awful seashells. They can probably be found on the sand at the beach too.

These Winning Cats

Cats pretty much have a way better life than people do.