20 Of The Worst Celebrity Baby Names Ever

Rainbow Aurora Rotella

This is actually kind of a sweet and cute name for a little girl, but it still falls under the radar as a strange baby name. It will still open this little daughter of Holly Madison and Pasquale Rotella to some ridicule. Of course, she might be popular with the guys when they find out her mom was a Playboy bunny.

Egypt Daoud Dean

Egypt Daoud may be a pretty strange name, but his mom Alicia Keys seems to have a habit for strange baby names. Keys has a son named Genesis Ali as well.

Qirin Love Howard

Terence and his wife, Miranda, aren’t normally too off the wall with baby names. they have Hunter, Aubrey, and Heaven. Then, they have Qirin, who is a little boy.

Pilot Inspektor Lee

As if it wasn’t bad enough you give your child a strange name, then you also spell it wrong? Funny man Jason Lee, along with Beth Riesgraf, pulled no punches when they went for worst baby name of the century.