20 Of The Weirdest Video Game Bosses Ever Created


It’s true that Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty tries to tell a serious tale full of political drama, but that intent gets strained to the breaking point with the reveal of Fatman. For the uninitiated: he’s a heavyset man in a thick coat who hopes to be a famous bomber. Arguably, he’s already done that; Not only is he well-spoken and can pull wine glasses out of nowhere, but his main mode of transportation is a pair of roller skates. That extends to his boss fight, which tasks the player with disarming his bombs as well as bowling him over with well-placed shots. Congruity was apparently not a high priority for the developers — though it’s hard to fault anyone who creates a character that cheers “Laugh and grow fat!”


Moai head aesthetic aside, there’s nothing strange about The Wonderful 101’s Wallgah-Goojin at a glance. But once the boss fight starts in earnest, things get a little unusual; instead of taking on the massive machine with a team of suited fighters, the player commandeers a second, smaller machine to punch the transistors out of Wallgah-Goojin. Essentially, the game turns into the Nintendo classic, Punch-Out! — complete with star punches, knockouts, and even enemy tells. That begs the question of why a death robot would need twitching eyebrows, but on the plus side, the fight takes place in a volcano. That’s always appreciable.

The Biolizard

The key thrust of Sonic Adventure 2 is that the blue hedgehog has to deal with the “ultimate life form” — and by game’s end, the prototype of that life form. Said prototype is a dinosaur with a giant life support system built into its back, which would help explain why it only reached the prototype stage. It’s big, has poor mobility, attacks slowly, gets tired easily, and its ace in the hole — manipulating gravity — only makes it easier for the player to score the final hit. It’s a real relief to know that the scientists behind it went right back to the drawing board.

Agni and Rudra

The bosses in Devil May Cry 3 are, in general, as easy to stop as a bullet train — but that doesn’t make them any less enjoyable. One memorable encounter has demon hunter Dante go up against Agni and Rudra, a pair of warrior swordsmen that the player has to defeat simultaneously. Weirdly, the two of them are cheery, spirited, and good-natured; that’s easy to overlook, since their tiny heads are grafted to the bottoms of their swords. Defeating them lets Dante wield their swords as his own, not to mention fling fire and wind at his leisure. The trade-off: the swords can still talk to him — at least they would if Dante didn’t force their silence. In his defense, he hates anyone with a bigger mouth than his.