20 Of The Weirdest Sculptures From Around The World

The world is full of beautiful buildings, sculptures, and architectural beauties that shock, inspire, and amaze. Some of these sculptures are incredible because they are awe-inspiring, and some are incredible because it is difficult to imagine why or how they were put up. Some are made from materials that would have had to come from an extremely creative mind. Some are made into shapes that completely bewilder and baffle people. Overall, these statues and sculptures are all beautiful reminders of how unique the human mind truly is.

Hippo Sculptures

This sculptures can be found in a zoo in Taipei, Taiwan, and they are a fun and cute tourist attraction!

Sinking Building

This funny sculpture is located in Melbourne, Australia, and it depicts a “library” where the weight of the books has sunk that library.

Lobster Mickey

Where else would this be found but the United States of America? It is in Massachusetts and is made to reflect a different region of the US.

Iguana Park

These slightly unsettling sculptures in Amsterdam are funny and a bit out of place, but is quite a tourist attraction.