20 Of The Weirdest Role-Playing Game Characters Ever

Midori Komaki

As an offshoot of the Shin Megami Tensei franchise, Devil Survivor is suitably dark; it’s a game that plunges Japan into a demon-infested quarantine within the first hour, and things only get worse from there. As such, Midori is in the wrong game. Whereas most people scramble through the city to escape certain death or scrape up meager supplies, she runs around in costume and spouts catch phrases that would make any superhero blush. The irony is that despite fighting in the name of justice, her efforts actively make the situation worse. It’s possible to get her to stop acting so recklessly, but not before reminding everyone of the importance of good public relations — and a sensible tailor.


The beauty of the role-playing genre is that it has no problems giving players any character imaginable and forcing them to roll with it. Those impressed by Repede are in luck, then, because Persona 3’s Koromaru predates the combative canine by a full two years — and manages to be even stranger. Whereas Repede could sling magic at any time, Koromaru — a mere Shiba Inu, albeit an albino one — can only fight at midnight when reality distorts and monstrous creatures run amok. Then he has no qualms about summoning his own personal, metaphysical version of Cerberus to roast enemies. Maybe RPGs are trying to tell us that all dogs are secretly magical warriors.


Not to be outdone by its predecessor, Persona 4 gave the world Teddie, a character whose full description demands that readers sit down beforehand. He’s a waddling bear suit — not a bear, but a completely hollow costume — that lives in a dimension accessible through the average TV. Later in the game, he gains the power to summon a missile-hugging robot in a cape, as a reward for his development as a character. More pressingly, he gains that power after creating a human body out of the ether, and the end result of that not only continues to hide inside the suit, but also happens to be the cast’s most handsome member. There’s creative vision, and then there’s utter nonsense captured in disc form.


Final Fantasy has always had a deep love and respect for melee weapons, and slips swords in even the most futuristic settings. So while there aren’t any dedicated gunmen in the Final Fantasy 10 crew, the developers still slipped in a ranged attacker. Enter: Besaid Island’s Wakka, the captain of a team that plays a hybrid of soccer and dodgeball while underwater (it’s about as practical as it sounds). Fittingly, his weapon of choice is his trusty dodgeball — which he not only tosses with pinpoint accuracy to defeat the monstrous hordes that roam the earth, but also imbues with magic to blind enemies, turn them to stone, or put them to sleep. As if that wasn’t nutty enough, he’s a man of religion who’s quick to fire off a prayer. He’ll need it, given that he eventually takes on a colossal demon whale.