20 Of The Ugliest Prom Outfits You’ve Ever Seen

Off With Their Heads!

Who in the world doesn’t love Alice in Wonderland? Then again who loves the Lewis Carroll universe so much and is childishly naive to the point that they would actually want to dress up as one of those cooky characters?

Turning Japanese?

Admittedly, the fabric could have looked really cool, emphasis on “could have.” Not sure which is worse in this picture – the weird netting or the creepy Dennis Rodman dye job.

Its the Inside That Counts

This seems more like a sparkling red advertisement for a loose teen girl than an actual prom dress. If there is anyone out there brave enough to try and wear this getup, remember these words: boob tape.

Oh, Bother!

Winnie the Pooh has been a beloved literary character for over 100 years. But as lovable as the adorable stuffed bear is, he probably doesn’t belong on evening attire.