10 Interesting Ways To Use Ketchup

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Ketchup is a popular condiment in pretty much every household. People tend to use ketchup for their favorite fried foods such as fish, chicken, pork chops and of course, French fries. Ketchup is also the most common condiment used on hamburgers. While we are very familiar with using this condiment on our favorite foods, there are many other ways that ketchup can be used. Let’s take a look at some interest ways to use this tomato-based condiment.

Repair Damaged Chlorine Hair

If your hair is damage due to excessive swimming in the pool, you can repair it with ketchup. Let the ketchup soak in your hair for about 20 minutes, and then simply wash it out as you would normally wash your hair.

​Soothe Bruises

The small packets of ketchup you usually get from a fast food restaurant can help soothe bruises. Place the packets into the freezer and afterwards, place them on the bump or bruise. Since the ketchup freezes at a lower temperature than water, they’ll still be pliable.


In World War II, soldiers would use ketchup to shave themselves. The ketchup is wet enough to allow the razor to shave the unwanted hairs, and it wouldn’t cause any shaving rash.

​Polish Copper

You can keep your copper clean and shiny by using ketchup. Use a little bit of ketchup and kosher salt to keep your copper looking brand new.

​Get Rid of Odors

The acid and tomato juice in ketchup helps rid of horrible, smelly odors. Squirt the ketchup onto the item, rub it in and then wash it.

​Clean Auto Parts

Ketchup can help keep your auto parts from tarnishing. The auto parts will be very shiny afterwards. Just make sure you wash it off thoroughly so it doesn’t leave any sticky residue.

​Cocktail Sauce

You can make your own cocktail sauce using ketchup. All you have to do is add ketchup and grated horseradish.

​Finger Paint

Many young kids enjoy finger painting. Some of the kids also like to put their hands in their mouth. Allow your child to use ketchup as finger paint. If they stick their hands in their mouth, they’ll still be fine because it’s just ketchup.

​Reuse Bottles

If you’ve got some of the squirty ketchup bottles laying around, wash them out thoroughly and use them to store anything from cake decorations to pancake batter. This will make it easy to create pancakes, and will also allow you to be creative.


If you don’t have any marinade on hand, you can easily use ketchup. Mix the ketchup with water, onion, Worcestershire sauce and vinegar to create a tasty marinade for your meat.