20 Of The Most Hilarious Cat Shaming Signs

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You’ve heard that kids do the darnedest things, right? Well, cats do the darnedest things too. These 20 cats went all out and because of their craziness, shocking behavior, and rude behavior, they were shamed by their owners. Some of them clearly show their shame in these photos and some flat out look like they are ready to cause trouble again. If you have a cat, it’s pretty likely you’ve been through one or more of the following circumstances.

The Money Eater

It’s bad enough when you have a pet that eats a few dollars, but this bad kitty ate half the rent!

Hiding Their Shame

This cat has so much shame that he tried to hide part of it. Poor kitty was just sick.

Did He Learn His Lesson?

Cats and dogs both eat crazy things sometimes. This cat should be glad it had pet parents with enough money for that vet bill!

Another Hair Tie Thief

At least this one doesn’t eat them. Although he does like cereal.

The Worst Mouser Ever

Yep. This cat should be ashamed. What’s the point in having a cat if they aren’t going to get rid of the mice?

Naught Cat

I guess the lesson here would be to keep your underwear drawer closed.

Dirty Cat

Well, isn’t that a poopy thing for a cat to do?

Multiple Culprits

These two cats are both naughty. One of them is definitely enabling the other, but it’s hard to tell who is worse!

The Picky Eater

When it solves the issue of a fast eater, a floor full of cat food is the least of your problems.


Cats are curious and sometimes their curiosity can make them blue, literally.

Feed That Cat

Maybe you’re not feeding them enough? Or, maybe this cat just needs some fun toys of his own so he quits eating yours.

The way to solve this is to keep those warm cookies up higher, or in a sealed container until it’s time to eat them.

The Cat Dog

In his defense, toilet water is nice and cold.

The Pet Wetter

This cat just loves the hamster so much he had to mark him as his territory.

The Paper Thief

The next step up from this will be a toilet paper roll addiction. Make sure you keep the toilet lid shut!

The Needy Cat

In other words, don’t stop petting this cat until he chooses to walk away.

The Butt Face

This cat is definitely a jerk.

The Cat Who Cried Wolf

Some cats just want more attention than you have time to give. And, in turn for your busy lifestyle they pay you back with warning from the office.

The Table Cat

He probably just wants to be used as a plate so he can eat your dinner for you.

And, Of Course…

Every cat needs to bring it’s owner a dead surprise sometime or another. This one just cheats at it.