15 Offices That Will Make Your Jaw Drop

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Have you ever worked in a “cool” place before, like a really cool place? Maybe you have, but you’ve probably also had your share of jobs in less than desirable buildings which is why this list will make your jaw drop. From gigantic toy closets, floating office cubes and playground equipment made for adults, to indoor waterfalls and bean bag cushion ‘desk’, these offices around the world might make you want to consider switching careers! They’re the kind that would make you want to live at work!

Airbnb (USA)

Immaculate views, walls of ivy, skylights and ultra cool design are a few of the offerings at the Airbnb offices in San Francisco. And the coolest part? Employees can work anywhere they like in the 72,000 square foot space.

White Mountain Office (Sweden)

This one literally looks like it was built inside of a mountain. Close enough. It is actually under Sweden’s bedrock in an old nuclear bunker. There are greenhouses, waterfalls, and German submarine engines.

Facebook (Worldwide)

Where else can you lie back on a hammock on the clock? At Facebook you can. There’s also a game room, basketball court, cool art and the overall vibe of a dormitory.

Selgas Cano Architecture (Spain)

Imagine getting to sit in the woods for work everyday. If you work for Selgas Cano Architecture in Spain, you get to do just that, but with a well-equipped office, plush desk, and glass wall that faces mother nature herself.

Threadless (Illinois)

This Chicago-based t-shirt company is cool as can be. There are tons of t-shirts hanging from the ceiling, graffiti art covering the walls and an RV parked inside with the door open, in case you want to hop in and chill for a bit.

Pixar Animation Videos (California)

There’s an atrium, a tiki cabin and art galore on the 22-acre campus. And the Chief Artistic Director has a toy closet bigger than what you could have dreamed up as a child!

Google (California)

This office building takes the cake in amenities. From an onsite candy store and indoor slides that connect the floors, where else can you lie back on a beanbag, pop gummy bears and get paid for it?

Dropbox (California)

Who knew that the creators of the famous file-sharing program did so from this insanely cool office in San Francisco? Complete with interior palm trees and brilliant design, they even have a ‘Romance Chamber’ and ‘Breakup Room’ although we’re not sure in what context they’re used.

Urban Outfitters (Pennsylvania)

Urban Outfitters’ offices are like their stores, only cooler. They kept many original features from the dilapidated navy shipyard that lived here before they arrived. Plus there’s a cafeteria, coffee shop, library, fitness center, and courtyard. And hanging plants and fabric swatches everywhere!

Inventionland Design Factory (Pennsylvania)

It looks like you’re stepping back in time to some idyllic fairytale village and it might as well be since it has plenty of magic. This office in Pennsylvania is the birth land of inventions, where you can design and create your big idea on a “ship” at sea.

Red Bull Offices (London)

The Red Bull offices were designed to invoke the same adrenaline rush and emotions that their product does. The interior boasts red, a lot of steel grey, and smooth modern edges. Not boring at all when you throw in the ping pong table and floating cube meeting rooms.

Three Rings (California)

The online game creators have one of the hippest office spaces with all steampunk-inspired decor. From secret rooms and a card table, to a bar with a kegerator, this space oozes cool.

Pallotta Teamworks (California)

These offices take the prize for being environmentally friendly and cost effective. They turned an old warehouse in the Los Angeles area into ‘work neighborhoods’ that were made out of tents and shipping containers. Ingenious.

TBWA (Worldwide)

The illusion is that you’re not at work at this advertising agency, but rather a beautiful manicured park set against electrifying colors backdrops. How awesome is that?

Lego (Denmark)

This is the office for the one who wishes he could be three years old forever. There are Lego structures everywhere, vibrant color schemes and like Google, a giant slide you can take to get downstairs. Oh, and an indoor playground for dogs and game rooms. No bad at all.