15 Offices That Will Make Your Jaw Drop

Have you ever worked in a “cool” place before, like a really cool place? Maybe you have, but you’ve probably also had your share of jobs in less than desirable buildings which is why this list will make your jaw drop. From gigantic toy closets, floating office cubes and playground equipment made for adults, to indoor waterfalls and bean bag cushion ‘desk’, these offices around the world might make you want to consider switching careers! They’re the kind that would make you want to live at work!

Airbnb (USA)

Immaculate views, walls of ivy, skylights and ultra cool design are a few of the offerings at the Airbnb offices in San Francisco. And the coolest part? Employees can work anywhere they like in the 72,000 square foot space.

White Mountain Office (Sweden)

This one literally looks like it was built inside of a mountain. Close enough. It is actually under Sweden’s bedrock in an old nuclear bunker. There are greenhouses, waterfalls, and German submarine engines.

Facebook (Worldwide)

Where else can you lie back on a hammock on the clock? At Facebook you can. There’s also a game room, basketball court, cool art and the overall vibe of a dormitory.