20 Of The Most Creative And Mind-Blowing Tattoos

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Need some ideas or inspiration for a really awesome tattoo? Don’t settle for something boring like a simple flower, a loved one’s name, or a logo of a favorite team. It’s incredible how much detail can be inked onto somebody’s body. From realistic effects of a bionic arm and a wooden leg to special messages written in sign language, here are some of the best and most creative tattoos out there that will steer you in the right direction.

Anime Character

Japanese animation has a major cult following worldwide. Seeing it on somebody’s arm in this detail is phenomenal.

Bionic Arm

This realistic effect of flesh torn off the shoulder makes you wonder how much power he’s packing in that arm.


It’s almost as if blossoms are blowing around on her upper back. The detail on these flowers is stunning.


This tattoo is based off of a fake comic strip that shows a lady drowning. Apparently, she would “rather sink than call Brad for help.” Brad must be a pretty awful guy.

Feathers Into Birds

This extremely cool design shows a feather blowing in the wind. Upon blowing off the tip, they transform into birds flying.


Small trees and branches are covered all over this person’s back, creating the image of a full-fledged forest.

Le Fol, La Mort, and Le Diable

Alternative art for the famous tarot cards, these skeletons represent “the fool,” “the dead” and “the devil.”


One of the best military-themed tattoos you’ll ever see. This star looks realistically ripped off of somebody’s upper arm with a bunch of one-word descriptions. The most important word is highlighted.


A breathtaking and unique design of Medusa along with a symbol of her eye. Don’t look at it too closely!

Minnesota Bird

A very detailed design of a common loon, which is the Minnesota state bird.

Never Say Die

This extremely detailed skull also comes with a conflicting message.


There’s a couple of extremely good octopus designs on people, but this might be the most creepy and memorable.

Oil Fields

This one wins a ton of points in creativity. Oil mining is set up right where this person’s heart is at.

Splinter and Shredder

Tattoos in pairs are often sweet, and one of the best pairings is this mentor and villain from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.


Did Peter Parker’s skin really rip off when he was becoming Spider-Man? No, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do it.

Stay True

Lots of people get messages tattooed on their body in different languages. This one puts a twist on it by implementing sign language.

Suehiro Maruo

Another Japanese animation character on the arm. This sleeve is specifically dedicated to one of the more popular artists, Suehiro Maruo.

Taira no Tomomori

Want even more dedication to an art style? How about somebody devoting their entire body to Taira no Tomomori!

Video Game Sleeves

This incredible old-school take on a mish-mash of video games includes Duck Hunt, Mario, Samus, Mortal Kombat, Metal Slug, and more.

Wooden Leg

Another one from the realism category. The detail to make this leg look like it had been carved is incredible.