20 Of The Cutest Baby Animals That Will Fit In Your Hand

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There’s something special about an infant, regardless of species or breed — we can all agree that babies are just too cute across the animal kingdom. Having an exotic pet is a fantasy of most people. Those who’ve been lucky enough to be around some of nature’s beautiful babies have shared these adorable pictures for the benefit of animal lovers around the planet. Here is a list of 20 of the cutest baby animals that are tiny enough to fit in the palm of your hands.

Buck (Baby Rabbit)

This is not a ‘wascally wabbit’, so please keep Elmer Fudd away from it. Rabbits multiplying rapidly, which makes a lot of sense — we’re sure they find each other just as cute as we find them.


This owl is adorable enough to make us lose some sleep and turn us into nocturnal creatures as well.

Pinkie (Baby Mouse)

Before a mouse grows up to scare women and children around the world, it look as adorable as any animal you may encounter. Think about this image the next time you set a mouse trap!

Baby Chipmunk

With enough love and affection, this chipmunk could grow up to be Simon, Theodore or even Alvin! We can dream, can’t we?

Clouded Leopard Cubs

These leopards aren’t aware of their deadly feline instincts yet. Right now, their biggest concern revolves around keeping their eyes open.

Panda Cub

Sadly, Panda’s are an endangered species. Maybe if more people know how cute they look when they’re babies, they would help the species.


There is nothing like chilling in the hands of your owner after a long day of running around in a stationary wheel.

Hoglet (Baby Hedgehog)

Those spines on a Hedgehog are a result of the evolutionary process. These poor critters were tired of people picking them up and petting them all day because of their cuteness levels. Hence the spines!


We all know that cats can be very lazy. This one doesn’t need a couch or a bed apparently. Just one palm will do!

Joey (Baby Koala Bear)

Even though it is a Marsupial, they call it a Koala Bear because of multiple reasons. People couldn’t stand to ‘bear’ how adorable they are and they simply had to ‘bear hug’ them all day long. Hence the name.


Have you ever seen a monkey sleep this peacefully? We wonder if it’s dreaming, and if so, what kind of dreams does it have? Must be something good though — probably a banana mountain, based off of that smile on its face.

Joey (Baby Opossum)

No wonder Opossums are so bitter and standoffish when they grow up. They must have hated all the people trying to touch and pet them because of how cute they look.

Holt (Baby Otter)

Otters are probably one of the cutest animals when they are young. To get away from all the humans trying to tame them and make them their pets, these poor animals had to take to the water, just to get some privacy. Can you blame us though? Just look at this Holt’s chubby, furry face!


What a babe! Am I right? This little piggy didn’t go to the market or anywhere else. It just stayed in its owners palm and continued to look adorable and clueless.

Baby Platypus

This image is proof that all babies are cute. Did you ever think a platypus, one of the strangest creatures in the world, could look this adorable when it’s young?


Puppies are the universe’s ‘Awww’ machine. They can make even the most stringent hearts melt and rightfully so. Owning a farm full of Labrador pups is in fact my personal dream. Don’t tell me you haven’t wished for the same thing at some point in your life, because if you haven’t, then you’re probably a crazy cat lady!


This little fella looks like he has a nice smile on his face too. This picture gives us another insight into nature and the reason behind birds possessing the ability to fly. If they couldn’t, we would probably be petting them all day too.

Kit (Baby Skunk)

Would you risk getting sprayed with something nasty just to pet this Kit? We sure would. In our opinion, a shower and a few days indoors is a small price to pay for petting this Kit.

Kit (Baby Squirrel)

It is a lesser known fact that squirrels are domesticated in some parts of the world. They respond fairly well if you feed them regularly and it is very little effort if the reward involves having this little one pass out in your hands everyday.


Another beloved pet that actually belongs to the wild, Turtles are perhaps the most adorable reptiles in the world. If you don’t appreciate their cuteness, they tend to go into a shell, so be kind to them.