20 Of The Most Bizarre Looking Churches In The World

You’ve probably been inside of a church at some point in your life and maybe even one that was extraordinary. Many European cathedrals house artworks that would make the finest museums envious and others took hundreds of years to build. But we’re not just talking about extraordinary here. This is another category entirely. Yes, these churches and cathedrals are extraordinary but, they’re also some of the most bizarre you’ll ever see. From churches that that resemble buildings out of Disney World to others that you’d think would be at a kid’s birthday party, these strange churches from around the world will intrigue you!

Sedlec Chapel (Czech Republic)

Apparently it’s small, but the Sedlec Chapel just outside of Prague is surely one of the most peculiar. The decor, which is made up of human bones and skulls, takes the prize for making the most use of the deceased. And there are a lot — it’s estimated that the bones of 40,000-70,000 people make up the interior of the small Roman Catholic Chapel.

Inflatable Church (Sandown, England)

No, it’s not a bouncy house. This was the first inflatable church, erected in 2003. It stands at 47 feet tall and holds up to 60 people. Yes, there’s an organ. And candles. And stained glass windows. And they are all inflatable!

St. Basil’s Cathedral (Russia)

This is one of the most famous and recognizable cathedrals in the world. It’s located in the Red Square of Moscow and was completed in 1561 on orders from Ivan the Terrible. It looks like something out of Alice and Wonderland and today it functions as a museum.

Dog Chapel (Vermont)

After a near-death experience, the builder of the Dog Chapel went to work on this very special place that was made for dogs. It has human-sized doors and doggie doors, carved wooden dogs that line the pews, and dog-themed stained glass windows.