10 Shocking Examples of Extreme Self-Love

Self-esteem and self-love is important. After all you know what they say — if you don’t love yourself, who else would? We know how low self esteem and regard of self can be destructive. However, when a person thinks he/she is more important than everyone, then it becomes a problem. There are quite a few narcissistic people in the world, a lot of them in the world of Hollywood. While they are important people and influence the world, they need to learn some pointers or two in ‘Humility 101’. Here are 10 stories of people who took self-love to the extreme.

Woman Marries Herself

Yasmin Eleby vowed that if she couldn’t find the perfect mate by 40, she will marry herself. And she did exactly that on January 3rd, 2015. The wedding was witnessed by her family and friends, with an entourage of 10 bridesmaids and even a wedding cake. Although it wasn’t technically a legal ceremony, Yasmin shares that it served as a symbolic ceremony that one should love yourself first before accepting anyone else into their lives.

Kanye West. Period.

Kanye West does not lack on self-esteem and self-love. As far as we know, he is probably one of the most outlandish and narcissistic celebrities out there. He’s compared himself to Steve Jobs and paraded himself as the Michael Jordan of Music. He’s even referred to himself as ‘Yeezus’, the messiah of music. Kanye and Kim are like a match made in self love heaven.