20 Of The Most Bizarre Jobs People Have Around The World

Gender Equality Consultant

This one’s so fun, who knows where to begin. These gender quality consultants make sure that stereotypical gender norms are not enforced. One wonders what this work entails exactly.

Fortune Cookie Writer

Next time you finish your egg rolls and crack open that fortune cookie, remember that someone wrote those cute (and sometimes weird) messages that are on those little slips of paper inside. Being a fortune cookie writer sounds fun actually, but the pressure is on for these guys since they have to constantly come up with new material. And how many ways can you write the same messages over and over again?

Professional Ear Cleaner (India)

This job is as exciting as it sounds. Apparently if you’re walking down the street in India and suddenly remember that you forgot to swab the gunk out of your ears after you showered, fear not — professional ear cleaners to the rescue! These guys walk the streets of India with cotton and a needle, so they’ll be happy to take care of the earwax for you.

Bicycle Fisher (Amsterdam)

Amsterdam is full of canals (165 to be precise) and also bicycles, since people love to ride and commute on their bikes. Supposedly there are more bicycles than people, well, you get the idea… So what happens when you have all those canals and bikes? You get lots of bikes in canals. And yes, this calls for a bicycle fisher (also called a bike digger), a professional for Amsterdam’s Water Authority is paid to fish out the bicycles from canals.