20 Of The Most Bizarre Experiments Of All Time

The Isolated Head of a Dog

Even more horrific than the two-headed dog is this experiment in which the severed head of a dog was kept alive apart from its body. This stemmed from scientific curiosity about those who went to the guillotine during the French Revolution. They wondered if these heads were still alive, so Soviet physician Sergei Brukhonenko set out to investigate it in the late 1920’s. With the use of a primitive heart-lung machine, he managed to keep the severed head of a dog alive.

Human-Ape Hybrid

There was once a rumor circulating that the Soviets conducted experiments to try to create a human-ape hybrid by breeding chimpanzees with humans. At the collapse of the Soviet Union, the rumors were confirmed. Dr. Il’ya Ivanov, a world-renowned expert on veterinary reproductive biology conducted these experiments in 1927. Thankfully, his efforts weren’t successful.

The Stanford Prison Experiment

Philip Zimbardo wondered why prisons are so violent and so he set off to learn why. He created a mock prison in Stanford psychology department’s basement. He then proceeded to recruit male volunteers who didn’t have criminal records. He assigned half of them the role of prisoners while the other half were the guards. Afterward he sat back and watched.

Facial Expressions While Decapitating a Rat

Carney Landis, a psychology graduate from the University of Minnesota designed an experiment in 1924 to study whether emotions evoke characteristic facial expressions. He did this by painting lines on their faces before exposing them to various stimuli designed to provoke a strong psychological reaction. He took pictures of their reactions as they viewed pornographic pictures, touched slimy frogs and decapitated a live rat.