20 Of The Most Amazing Hotel Rooms In The World

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When most of us go away for a break, we’ll either book ourselves into a cheap motel, a bed and breakfast or at most we’ll spend a couple of nights in a fancy hotel suite. It’s not always a question of being able to afford a fancy accommodation. It’s more that when we go away, most of our time is spent away from our rooms.

But what if things were different? What if we were to book ourselves into one of these amazing and unique hotel rooms? We think it’s safe to say that if we were in one of these places for a few days, we wouldn’t be spending a lot of time away from the hotel.

Glass Igloo – Kakslauttanen Igloo Village (Lapland, Finland)

There is always a sense of magic and wonder when one thinks about Lapland. In a country that’s known for its snow-filled landscapes, it makes sense that a hotel would cater for such natural beauty.

Hugh Hefner Sky Villa – Palms Resort (Las Vegas, Nevada)

Las Vegas is just one of those places that everyone needs to visit at least once. And of course, if you’re going to go there, you may as well live the high life in Hugh Hefner’s Playboy villa.

Ice Suite – Hôtel de Glace (Québec, Canada)

What looks like a fabulously-colored igloo, this Canadian Ice Suite would be the ideal room to stay in if you’d just finished watching Disney’s Frozen for the first time.

Junior Penthouse – The Maritime Hotel (New York)

It’s difficult to know what to make of this one. It seems to be quite retro with equal parts modern. Either way, we wouldn’t pass up the opportunity to spend a night or two in here.

Nostalgie – V8 Hotel (Stuttgart, Germany)

This is such a unique look. While it’s inspired by the range of V8 Supercars, we can’t shake the feeling that there’s a little bit of inspiration from the post-nuclear video game Fallout as well.

Panic Room – Au Vieux Panier (Marseille, France)

We can imagine this would be a great place for those who starred in 80s and 90s sitcoms. We’ve all seen those episodes where the main characters get into an argument and split the room down the middle…

Panorama Suite – The Alpina Gstaad (Gstaad, Switzerland)

What a stunning view! We bet that guy in the bath has no intention of getting out any time soon. Frankly, we don’t blame him.

Presidential Suite – Hotel Cala di Volpe (Sardinia, Italy)

This seems like a bit of an odd design choice for a hotel room that’s designated as a Presidential Suite. But you can’t deny that glorious blue sky view though.

Rock Bottom – Madonna Inn (San Luis Obispo, California)

We can’t quite decide whether this is meant to be either some post-modern design, a room built from a real cave, or is actually a Flintstones-themed hotel suite.

Sol 2 – Playa Escondida (Riviera Nayarit, Mexico)

Admittedly, we do like the rock wall that’s similar to the Flintstones-themed suite, but for us it’s definitely that bed that’s going to keep us pinned to this room.

Temple of the Blue Moon – TreeHouse Point (Fall City, Washington)

Don’t deny it. The inner-child in you would just absolutely love to stay in a room like this. That tree trunk running straight through the roof really sells it for us. So rustic!

The Gilded Lounge Suite – a Maison des Champs Elysees (Paris, France)

Are you thinking what we’re thinking? Yep. This hotel suite definitely looks like something that was lifted from Andy Warhol’s art studio.

The James Bond Suite – Hotel Seven (Paris, France)

Now we’re talking! A James Bond-themed hotel room would just be the coolest place, would it not? We’d spend most of our time looking under chairs and tables to see if there were any secret buttons that open extra hidden rooms.

The Kiboko Star Bed – Loisaba Wilderness (Laikipa, Kenya)

While this one initially baffled us when we saw it, we can actually see why a lot of people would love to stay in a place like this. It’s absolutely perfect for people on safari. We bet.

The Mine Suite – Sala Silvermine Hotel (Vdstmanland County, Sweden)

Remember when 1960s sci-fi depicted the future as ‘everyone and everything must be covered in silver’? This would be that world’s hotel suite.

The Nautilus Suite – Poseidon Undersea Resort (Poseidon Mystery Island, Fiji)

All joking aside, this would be one of the most relaxing rooms to sleep in. Imagine just lazily watching those fish swim in calm waters. So long as there’s no sharks in there, obviously.

The Sultan’s Suite – Çirağan Palace Kempinski (Istanbul, Turkey)

Just the name of this place screams extravagance – The Sultan’s Suite. Not only does it look posh, it’s nearly as big as most of our homes.

Ty Warner Penthouse Suite – Four Seasons Hotel (New York)

Say what you will about how buildings and skyscrapers that jut into the sky look ugly, that’s a view that would quickly change any cynic’s mind.

Villa La Cupola Suite – Westin Excelsior (Rome, Italy)

Wow, those Italians know how to build an elegant room. We can only hope this suite comes complete with servants who feed us grapes while people dance provocatively in front of us.

Vous – Madonna Inn (San Luis Obispo, California)

Simply put: if you don’t like blue, don’t stay in this blue room. You can see they’ve gone for a very blue theme here. You can tell because of all the…blue.