20 Of The Funniest Things That Have Ever Happened On Tinder

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Since Tinder’s launch in the App store in 2012, over 1 billion people have matched on it. If you’re not familiar with Tinder lingo, that means they both swiped right on each other’s profile, signifying they like what they see. While some people may find love on the app, others use it more for entertainment than for romantic purposes. Those who use it for fun often have hilarious one-liners in their bio and have awkward and funny conversations with their matches. Others provide just as much entertainment, however, they may be unintentionally awkward and funny. However they come about, here are 20 of the funniest types of Tinder interactions that have ever happened.

Toilet Tinder

Hey, at least there won’t be any big surprises when her new partner finds out how she likes to spend her time.

Tinder Star

What he should have included is how many stars he didn’t get. Is that 4/10? 4/5? 4/100?

Russian Tinder

Yes, Cheryl, “like Russia Moscow.” And Clarisse, you joke about kidnapping but that’s probably not a good idea with internet strangers.

Deadly Tinder

If everyone close to this girl is dead, potential suitors will quite possibly view that as a red flag.

Studious Tinder

Sounds like this Eric character may need to reevaluate his priorities if he doesn’t want to fail out of school.

Clever Tinder

These two are both up to date with politics, maybe they’d make a good match after all?

Optical Tinder

“Oh, you love eyes? Well, I love brains, so, bye!” This one makes you a little bit concerned for the future of humanity. Hopefully no one reproduces with this guy.

Honest Tinder

It probably would have been enough to simply “un-match” with this person, but Amber had to really rub salt in the wound.

Holiday Tinder

It takes some nerve to ruin someone else’s Christmas when you’ve never even met them! Imagine what New Year’s will be like for them.

Beaver Tinder

Ok, this girl is just no fun and has no sense of humor. Unless, of course, she’s playing the same game.

Bird Tinder

If this were a movie, it would be called “When Tinder Met Craigslist.” It would also be a comedy.

Illiterate Tinder

Barry can’t spell very well, and if he had any wit, he would have said he’s a “Teddy Barry.”

Blunt Tinder

Those “location services” capabilities on Tinder can sure get you into trouble sometimes.

Hungry Tinder

What a way to begin a conversation! If only everyone considered “running towards food” exercise…

Creepy Tinder

At least his potential suitor would know what she was getting herself into, literally. This guy would probably get along with Christian Grey quite well.

Criminal Tinder

This guy obviously wasn’t in jail for breaking and entering or he would be able to get back into his parent’s house in no time.

Religious Tinder

Good pick-up line, Matt. You can’t argue with Jesus logic.

Perfect Tinder

Estimated time of arrival? 10 seconds, because that sounds amazing!

Damaged Tinder

Something tells me this has happened to this guy in the past. Stockholm Syndrome, anyone?

Witty Tinder

Good one, Heather. That’s some great advertising for Gillette, too.