20 Of The Best Animal Characters In Popular Culture


Milo is no ordinary pet, even without the mask. Sure, he knows his way around wearing the mask and causing mayhem to protect Stanley, but even without the mask, the dog is a genius. His unassuming size and quick wit make him one of the best pets from pop culture.


Harry Potter has led a highly tumultuous life filled with peril and chaos. His favorite pet owl, Hedwig, gets tragically taken from him when Hedwig bravely gives away his own life in order to save Harry’s. For this noble sacrifice, Hedwig makes his way into this list as one of the most selfless pets in pop culture.


Fans of Clint Eastwood will remember Clyde as the smart-aleck orangutan that was his sidekick in movies such as ‘Every Which Way But Loose’ and ‘Any Which Way You Can’. The comic timing shared by the duo and their on-screen chemistry as an odd couple was an absolute delight to watch.


Eddie was not a pet in Frasier, he was practically a member of the family. He had a major part in the delivering some stellar humor over several seasons, making him one of the most easily recognizable faces on television in the 90’s.