20 National Days That Are Completely Pointless

This year, May the Fourth or Star Wars Day seems to actually have some relevance because of the buzz created by the new trailers for the reboot. Until this point, the day was purely used to shower fanfare on the series, but this year, fans have something to look forward to and a little more to dissect and analyse. Star Wars Day is also a good point to look at National days in general and try and understand if every National day listed is actually valid and necessary. Here is a list of 20 National days that could be eliminated this year and wouldn’t really make a difference to anyone:

Dress Up Your Pet Day – 14th January

This is an atrocity disguised under the guise of entertainment just to keep the bored appeased. Dressing up your poor pet is an absolutely vulgar act no matter how cute you think they look. Dedicating a day to giving them a hug after making them look like superman does not make things better either.

National Popcorn Day – 19th January

Sometimes it feels like people are trying real hard to assign something trivial to every single day using national holidays. Eating popcorn is already a national pastime in its own right, I’m not sure if it needed a national day to boost its relevance any further.

Make A Friend Day – 11th February

Making a friend is a natural, almost subliminal process. It does not happen easy, it takes years and it definitely cannot be done in a day. You might meet a stranger who is being nice to you to extract your credit card details, but that is just about as lucky as you can get.

International Fun At Work Day – 1st April

Work is never fun, even when there is an international fun at work day dedicated to it. Any office party is a drag, no one likes their colleagues. To make people forcefully endure another day with the people they despise should be a crime.