20 National Days That Are Completely Pointless

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This year, May the Fourth or Star Wars Day seems to actually have some relevance because of the buzz created by the new trailers for the reboot. Until this point, the day was purely used to shower fanfare on the series, but this year, fans have something to look forward to and a little more to dissect and analyse. Star Wars Day is also a good point to look at National days in general and try and understand if every National day listed is actually valid and necessary. Here is a list of 20 National days that could be eliminated this year and wouldn’t really make a difference to anyone:

Dress Up Your Pet Day – 14th January

This is an atrocity disguised under the guise of entertainment just to keep the bored appeased. Dressing up your poor pet is an absolutely vulgar act no matter how cute you think they look. Dedicating a day to giving them a hug after making them look like superman does not make things better either.

National Popcorn Day – 19th January

Sometimes it feels like people are trying real hard to assign something trivial to every single day using national holidays. Eating popcorn is already a national pastime in its own right, I’m not sure if it needed a national day to boost its relevance any further.

Make A Friend Day – 11th February

Making a friend is a natural, almost subliminal process. It does not happen easy, it takes years and it definitely cannot be done in a day. You might meet a stranger who is being nice to you to extract your credit card details, but that is just about as lucky as you can get.

International Fun At Work Day – 1st April

Work is never fun, even when there is an international fun at work day dedicated to it. Any office party is a drag, no one likes their colleagues. To make people forcefully endure another day with the people they despise should be a crime.

Caramel Popcorn Day – 7th April

It’s clearly not enough that popcorn has a national day associated with it, so we had to dedicate an entire day to the specific flavor of popcorn. I wonder if other flavors feel left out because of this!

National High Five Day – 19th April

Dedicating a day to ‘high fives’ is much like dedicating a day to urination, it is inevitable and therefore entirely pointless. What is the point celebrating a gesture that is a part and parcel of our lives. We might as well get a ‘flip off your colleagues day’ as well.

Paranormal Day – 3rd May

This is possibly the most senseless national day in the world. Dedicating a day to the belief that paranormal activities exist and indulging it in any manner should be made illegal. Instead we have an entire day dedicated to the ghosts and goblins.

Visit Your Relatives Day – 18th May

They say family comes first, but everyone knows visiting your family is a pain. The trick is to not make it feel like an obligation. Visiting your family member of ‘visit your relatives day’ is just about as obvious things can get.

Hug Your Cat Day – 4th June

One of the major reasons anyone gets a pet is to care for it and nurture it. Hugging your cat day seems pointless because you are encouraging people to care for their pets when they clearly already care enough to have a pet in the first place.

Build A Scarecrow Day – 1st July

Another perfect example of an outdated national day. Building a scarecrow might have been a fun past time back in 1886, but with Morpheus technology making PlayStation users feel godly, this entire national day is pointless..

Cheer Up The Lonely Day – 11th july

I bet no one knows about this day because it isn’t as glamorous as star wars day. The world is a desolate jungle and there are plenty of lonely souls all around us. Cheering one up would be a great way to spend a day, but only if people knew about a useful national day such as this one.

National Junk Food Day – 21st July

First you are asked to feel lazy, then the make you do your own bed, now they want you to celebrate another cornerstone of sloth culture that is junk food. We really need a day where the world is asked to not consume any junk food whatsoever, but of course we will never see that happen.

Wiggle Your Toes Day – 6th August

Another pointless day that should be stripped from the roster immediately. Instead of having socially relevant days such as feeding the poor day, we continue to give importance to nonsense such as wiggle your toes day.

Lazy Day – 10th August

Laziness is one of the biggest diseases plaguing our planet. To have an entire day dedicated to sloth culture is entirely pointless. You might as well have corruption day or murder day as well, if you really interested in dedicating national days to problems that are chewing up our society from the inside.

Be Late For Something Day – 5th September

If it isn’t enough that we have an entire day dedicated to laziness, now they expect you to celebrate tardiness as well. Being late is not only impolite, but it is one of the most disrespectful things in the world. National days like these make you wonder who is in charge of assigning national days in the first place.

Teddy Bear Day – 9th September

This national day was created around the premise that the world is inhabited almost entirely by preteens. It is outrageous that a particular commodity has a national day associated with it in the first place, but I am not even going to dig at that gravestone.

Make Your Bed Day – 11th September

First you have lazy day and then we have a day dedicated to the simple chore of making your bed. Even animals dig at the earth below their feet before settling down for a nap. If humans can’t take care of their own bed without a national day being associated to it, then we are absolutely hopeless.

Punk For A Day Day – 25th October

Dedicating an entire day to a way of life that is nearly obsolete is a sensible way of wasting national days. The only people who will benefit from this are tattoo artists and hair coloring studios.

Clean Your Refrigerator Day – 15th November

This is a classic example of national days that are outdated and do not deserve a place in our current time. Everyone knows that you do not clean your refrigerators any more. You just leave it out on the curb when it gets full and that’s how the homeless get their daily meals.

Make Cut Out Snowflakes Day – 27th December

This national day was created around the assumption that the world is inhibited by toddlers. On 27th December, most people are too busy worried about the major hit their bank balances have taken because of the obscene amount of gifts they have had to purchase on Christmas. They will certainly not have the time to cut out snowflakes, unless they go crazy and use their bank statements as their snowflake material.