20 Most Evil Robots In Movies

Robots have always captured our imaginations. While we don’t quite have robots carrying out our every whim just yet, that hasn’t stopped filmmakers from featuring robots in movies with a range of emotions just as wide as those of a human. Despite the fact that they are computers, they have been depicted as possessing a broad range of motivations: ranging from extremely good to pure evil.

In just a few short weeks we are about to get a glimpse of yet another purely evil robot: Ultron when the latest installment of Marvel’s The Avengers hits theaters. In The Avengers: Age of Ultron, the superhero team battles a robot bent on destroying the world. That sounds pretty evil, and this of course led us to wonder: just who are the most evil robots to be featured in movies up to this point?

Samantha In “Deadly Friend”

Arguably, Samantha isn’t totally evil because her victims deserve what’s coming to them. However, her methods, and the fact that Samantha actually kills her creator, definitely warrants inclusion on this list.

Vanessa Kensington In “Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me”

In the sequel to the hit movie Austin Powers, it was revealed that Austin’s companion Vanessa was a “fembot” – an evil robot programmed to do the bidding of Dr. Evil – Austin’s nemesis. She’s definitely evil, but we were sad to see her go when she self-destructed.

David In Prometheus

David is, for some reason since this is a prequel, more advanced than the robots that follow him. That aside, David is evil because he knows he’s superior to humans, bringing a level of self awareness that’s just plain creepy.

Pris In Blade Runner

Despite the fact that she has moved beyond being a simple “pleasure model”, Pris made the unfortunate choice of using her abilities for evil rather than good – not what you want a robot doing.