20 Mind-Blowing Interactive Art Pieces From Around The World

Lost Eye

It only took some red paint and a strategically placed pole to create this cool piece of art found in France and aptly named Lost Eye. Ouch!

Interactive 3D

French street artist, Levalet created a series of innovative 3D art. The unique thing about this piece is that it is made from wheat-paste and paper cutouts!

Magic Art

This piece was created for the 2012 Magic Art Special Exhibition which was held in China. A south Korean artist created the anamorphic painting as part of his collection, which allows passersby to interactive with it.

Urban Illusion

Artist Aakash Nihalani has, for years, been animating the streets of New Delhi, Vienna and Brooklyn with his work of geometric shapes. He has made a name for himself creating a unique art-form known as ‘illusion tape art’ where he works with tapes, yes tapes!

The artist explains that he likes the flexibility of the material and the fact that tape is not damaging to the built environment which he works with.