20 Mesmerizing European Coastal Vacation Destinations

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If you are looking for a place to spend some fun in the sun; the tropical islands are not your only choices. A European vacation experience of a lifetime can be enjoyed at any one of these tremendous coastal destinations. They were selected for this list by their original beauty, budget considerations, and engaging cultural opportunities. Whether you are looking for a one stop vacation or a visit to multiple destinations, this list provides recommended vacation stops that are guaranteed to provide inspiration for your vacation itinerary,

The Dalmatian Coast: Hottest European Destination

Located on the Eastern Adriatic Sea, Dalmatia is home of excellent spots for a European beach vacation. The Dalmatian Coast is marked by the fabulous limestone cliffs. This area holds the distinction of being the hottest spot in the Mediterranean region. Diving and sailing in the Adriatic Sea are popular pastimes for tourists.

The area is great for those traveling on a budget because accommodations and travel expenses are more economical. The food budget stretches well here because local cuisine is inexpensive and deliciously similar to Italian food with a blend of Tuscan, Slavic, and Hungarian flavors.

Spend Time In The Water Off The Coast Of Korcula

Korcula is an exquisite island destination in Croatia. If you are a beginning swimmer, the Adriatic Sea is a great place to practice your skills because the dense salt content keeps you floating. The water is clear and a brilliant turquoise.

Bulgaria’s Sunny Beach On The Black Sea Coast

Who wouldn’t want to travel to Sunny Beach? The name alone reveals volumes about the location. Sunny Beach is located about 21 miles from Burgas.

The hotel accommodations rival those of any other luxurious resort destination. Aside from soaking in the sun and playing in the water, Nessebar is located nearby. It is a historic site that dates back more than 3,000 years.

The Amalfi Coast: The Jetsetting Playground

The Amalfi Coast is located in Southern Italy. Amalfi, Naples, Sorrento, and Capri are four romantic destinations on the Amalfi Coast.

The island of Capri is a favorite playground of the jetsetting crowd. If you want to spend time where the elite play, this is the place for you. Naples shuts down during the heat of the day, and that would be the perfect time to spend lounging on the beach.

A Natural Park: Cabo de Gata, Spain

Cabo de Gata is one of the loveliest areas of Spain. The sandy shoreline, craggy cliffs, hidden coves, and bays with sparkling water make this one of the most appealing vacation destinations in the world.

El Fraile is the largest volcanic rock formation in the area; the cliffs are about 330 feet above the Mediterranean Sea. Beautiful coral reefs provide an opportunity for divers to explore. Photography, bird watching, and boat excursions are just a few of the ways to enjoy the Amalfi Coast.

Cap de Favártix, Menorca: See The Lighthouse

No trip to the European Coast would be complete without a trip to see an authentic European Lighthouse. Cap de Favartix is home of a beautiful one in a picturesque setting. The working light from the lighthouse shines a beam that is visible for up to 16 nautical miles! The lighthouse was completed in 1922.

Two breathtaking beaches, Cala Tortuga and Cala Presili, are located within walking distance of the lighthouse.

Cala Gonone, Sardinia: Hairpin Turns And Beaches!

The island of Sardinia has a unique feature. Visitors drive through a mountain pass tunnel to arrive on the other side where the coastline is immediately visible. The spectacular drive is highlighted by hairpin turns. The drive is well worth arriving in the villages on the other side of the mountain.

A path of steps carved out of the rock winds its way down to a beach of rocky nuggets and grainy sand, where the sparkling waters are ideal for swimming, snorkeling, and scuba diving. The craggy cliffs are a hit with rock climbers.

Grotte del Bue Marino: Home of Amazing Caving

Grotte del Bue Marino is one of the best European caving locations. There are spectacular examples of stalactites and stalagmites to be seen and enjoyed by spelunkers. Photographs are prohibited inside the caves, but the memories are worth your time!

Kabak, Turkey: Avoid The Hustle And Bustle

Located on the Turkish Mediterranean Coastline, Kabak is one of the small villages to experience a relaxing vacation without the hustle and bustle of the larger cities. If you enjoy the sites of waterfalls, this location will be one of your favorites.

A hint for the traveler: if you enter this village, be prepared with cash because ATM machines are nonexistent here.

Sweden Villa: Cottages, Bike Rides, and Relaxation

Sweden Villa is an economical and peaceful destination. It features cottages, swims in the lake, and bike rides around the neighboring areas. The villas can be rented by the week for an extended stay away from your everyday routine.

Latina, Italy Along The Tyrrhenian Coast, Italy

Lake Fogliano is one of the fabuous lakes near Latina, italy. Bird watching, natural areas to explore, and eagles attract visitors.

In addition to spending time on the beach, there are plenty of architectural wonders to explore and photograph.

Strenuous Hiking In The Grand St. Bernard Pass

Grand St. Bernard Pass is located in Switzerland near Italy. It is one of the world’s most beautiful areas. The pass leads through the Western Alps. The winding steep terrain is not for the faint of heart. You might want to practice hiking before attempting to visit this area.

Another fascinating feature in the area is home to the fabulous creature, the St. Bernard dog.

Vacation Central – Banyuls, France

Banyuls, France has everything you can ask for in a European vacation destination. The port city features palm trees, beaches, wine, and fun! When you aren’t lounging on the beach or playing in the water, be sure to tour the local plantations and taste the local wine. You won’t be disappointed with a vacation in Banyuls.

Smuggler’s Cove in Greece

Smuggler’s Cove is also known as Shipwreck Beach or Navagio. It acquired its name when a boat filled with cigarettes ran aground here.

Smuggler’s Cove is an ideal location for Base Jumping, also known as a variation of Cliff Diving while wearing a parachute. It is a mix of skydiving and cliff diving because you are not diving from extremely high altitudes like skydivers. This location is one of the favorites of thrill seekers.

Paradise Bay: Malta’s Hidden Gem

Paradise Bay is located in Malta. It is one of the best kept secrets in Malta that is quickly becoming a tourist haven. There are resort accommodations and sandy beaches to enjoy. Ramla is the most beautiful beach in the vicinity. You will definitely want to check it out.

Luštica Peninsula, Montenegro

Lustica Peninsula is a gorgeous location in Montenegro. The tranquil setting is just made for vacation fantasy memories to be made. The quiet beaches are ideal for relaxation and escaping the rat race.

Delimara Peninsula

The port cities, Marsascala and Marsaxlokk, are located on either side of the Delimara Peninsula. St. Peter’s Pool is another one of the gems of this area; yet, it is often one of the least crowded of the area’s beaches. St. Peter’s Pool is a natural swimming area located on the eastern side of the peninsula. The water is clear and inviting, so don’t be shy about taking the dive.

Snorkeling and scuba diving are just as popular as sunbathing here.

Mellieha Bay

Scuba diving, snorkeling, and building sand castles on the beach are just a few ways to spend the day in Mellieha Bay.

Also in the area is Popeye Village, an attraction that you just wouldn’t want to miss! The interaction with the characters mixed with the view is simply astounding! The village is the location of the Popeye film starring Robin Williams.

Gökçeada, Turkey An Exciting Island In The Dardanelles Strait

Visitors reach Gokceada by a leisurely ferry ride. Kefalos and Aydincik beaches are among the finest in Europe. The conditions are just right for kitesurfing and surfing on the Aegean.

Kalekoy is the place for you if you are a night owl looking for a destination that is alive in the evening.

Monaco: Playground Of The Elite

A walking tour of Monaco is a European vacation must! The small country features 7 public escalators and elevators so that the hike through the city is easier for visitors.

You can lounge on the beach or take in a show at the Monaco Opera House. Monaco is the playground of the wealthy; so expect this to be one of the more expensive vacation locales.