20 Logo Parodies That Twist Up The Meaning Of Brand Names

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Oftentimes on the internet you can be overwhelmed by overt advertisements for brand name products such as Coca-Cola, Facebook and Starbucks. It becomes so easy to click on them to see what new deal they have to offer, it can also become a bit overwhelming. If you are tired of seeing the same advertisement logos for brands all over the internet then the list below will definitely give you a good laugh. Take a look at the different parody twists that were made up about some of the most popular brand-named companies.


The once popular social networking site is now a proverbial ghost town.


Too much sugar in one cup.


People are paying high prices because of the brand name associated with the product.


A place where you can stalk all your friends.


They have been around so long even Elvis would remember.

Internet Explorer

The one browser that will have your computer infected with various types of viruses.


They suck you into thinking that one bar will really satisfy your hunger.


The phones are virtually nonexistant even though every now and again you will see an advertisement for one of their phones.

Walt Disney

Known for the family friendly shows and movies. But who really believes all those cheesy story lines?

Harley Davidson

It’s all about the entertainment. The louder the Harley, the better.

American Idol

For some reason American Idol is always confused for American Idiot. The journey has come to an end, the last season of one of the most popular television music reality shows will start this winter.

Dunkin’ Donuts

The more you eat them, the more weight you gain.


The place you go when you have the munchies in the middle of the night.


If you eat too much McDonald’s, you just might end up with diabetes.

Absolut Vodka

The taste alone will cause you to gag.


The television station for the brainless person.


The game system you play when there is absolutely nothing else to do.


It’s all about the advertisements. The more you watch them, the more you want to drink Coca-Cola.

Microsoft Windows

You may have a hard time keeping your system operating correctly.


The more you play the less work you do.