10 Extinct Animals Scientists Want To Revive

There are millions of animals around the world that have gone extinct within the past couple of decades. Scientists, as of late, are quite keen on returning some of these once walking creatures to their respective homes aboard this planet we call Earth. Some of them may prove a tad difficult to revive, but science may find a way. It will probably cost hundreds of millions of dollars in order to bring a single specimen back from extinction, however. Tax payers can expect to pay out the bum. Here are ten extinct animals scientists want to bring back to life.

Gastric-brooding Frog

The Gastric-brooding Frog is a ground-dwelling creature native to Queensland, Australia. They went extinct in the mid-1980s. Scientists in New South Wales are working to resurrect the species with the “Lazarus Project.”


The Moho is a type of Hawaiian bird that went extinct, unfortunately. The last specimen was last seen on the island state in 1934. Scientists want to bring the colorful bird back from the dead.