20 Interesting Facts About Werewolves You Need To Know

Werewolves, much like vampires, are said to be mythical creatures. However, tales of these dreaded beasts have been told for centuries now. The giant shape shifter is said to have a certain hunger for raw flesh, and has now become one of the most popular horror creatures in existence. Somehow, though, many people don’t know very much about said creature. Here are 20 facts you should probably know in case one ever moves into your neighborhood.

Old English

The original world werewolf comes from the Old English compound of “were” – which means man, and “wulf,” meaning wolf.


Werewolves are sometimes known as “Lycanthropes,” which comes from Ancient Greek wording. The origin of this name is said to have come from the 5th Century BC, when Greek historian Herodotus mentioned a trice from Scythia that could transform into a wolf.

Health Condition

“Clinical Lycranthopy” is a real health condition that someone was diagnosed with by the 2nd century famous Greek surgeon and physician Galen of Pergamon. The patient was having a psychotic episode that made him believe he could transform into a wolf.


Werewolves, as an idea, became widespread throughout Europe. Almost every single country on the continent had some tale or myth regarding the monster at some point in their time.