10 Incredible Ways Athletes Treat Sports Injuries

An injury is one of the worst things that can happen to any professional athlete. They can be out of action for months at a time if the damage is particularly serious and go on to miss important events such as finals or season ending deciders. Not only that, but any injury can also severely affect an athletes career, potentially forcing them to retire. It is no wonder then that sport stars, physiotherapists and coaches can sometimes go to extreme lengths to treat injuries and to lessen their effects.

Horse Placenta

There has been a growing belief in the past few years about the uses that a placenta can have, with many people explaining the positive effects they could have. Several sports stars, including the likes of Robin van Persie and Frank Lampard, have had horse placenta rubbed into their muscle to help heal tears and sprains.

Teeth Removal

According to some research, there may be a link between some dental problems and muscle injuries that are common for professional athletes. While the link has not been proved, several sport stars have decided to have troublesome teeth removed in the hopes that it would help them avoid future injuries.