20 Incredible Deaths That Will Baffle The Mind

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Everyone dies at some point in their life, whether they are old or young at the moment it happens. That is a sad fact of life, and we need to make the most out of what we have today. However, there are some deaths that have occurred around the world that just make you stop and wonder whether it is actually true or not. Sometimes something so ridiculous happens that it just baffles the mind. These are twenty such deaths, where the victim will be remembered not for their heroics or honor, but for the way they passed into the next world.

Monkey Attack

While fending off a group of attacking monkeys in 2007, Surinder Singh Bajwa, the mayor of Delhi in India, fell off his balcony and died during the assault. The monkeys escaped, winning that particular battle.

Bearded Dangers

In 1567, Austrian Hans Steininger tripped over his own beard and died. The man had a beard so long that it reached down past his feet, which ultimately was a bad decision on his part, though it probably looked amazing.

Fake Out

In 1958, British television actor Gareth Jones was portraying a character on a television series that was supposed to have an on-screen heart attack. Unfortunately, Jones ended up having a heart attack at the exact same moment, and the crew thought he was simply acting.

Dying of Laughter

Everyone has heard the myth of dying from laughter, but it’s apparently true. Chrysippus of Soli, a Greek philosopher, was said to have died from laughing too much after he watched a donkey eat figs. That is apparently a funny sight.

An Easier Way

James Henselden, the owner of the production company that makes the Segway, which is supposed to make lives easier, ended up driving his personal device off of a cliff in England. The man sadly died upon impact.

Too Healthy

Basil Brown, who claimed himself to be a health fanatic, ended up drinking himself to death on carrot juice. Brown drank a gallon of the vegetable juice every single day, which led to his untimely demise.

Falling For It

In 1992, Greg Austin Gingrich thought it would be funny to pretend he was falling over the side and into the Grand Canyon. Unfortunately for Greg, he actually did slip and fall over the ledge, dying from the impact.

Drowning In It

In 1814, not one, but eight people died in a London brewery after a giant vat of beer exploded. The men drowned in the substance. It’s unclear why they didn’t just drink the entirety of the vat and escape a little bit drunk.

Dance Off

In 1518, nearly 100 people took part in a dancing fever that lasted for one entire month in Strasbourg. During this time, several people died from partaking in the dancing extravaganza for too long.

For Science!

Near the beginning of the 20th century, American doctor Jesse William Lazear wanted to prove that mosquitoes really do transmit yellow fever when they bite a human being by being bit himself. Unfortunately, Lazear was actually correct. He died of yellow fever.


While showing how a victim could have killed themselves by accidental suicide, American lawyer Clement Vallandigham accidentally shot himself int he head in the middle of a courtroom. He ended up winning the case posthumously, though.

Taste Tester

Carl Wilhelm Scheele, a Swedish chemist, had a bad habit of tasting the chemicals he would create from other chemicals. Scheele ultimately died from ingesting too much poison, which everyone should have seen coming at some point.

Elongated Life

In an attempt to live longer, Russian doctor Alexander Bogdanov attempted blood transfusions to extend his life. The transfusions ended up killing him due to adverse reaction, however.

No Touching

In 1880, Queen Sunandha Kumariratana of Siam drowned to death while surrounded by every single one of just subjects. No one saved the Queen due to a law saying they were not allowed to touch the royal woman in any manner.

Robot Uprising

Robert Williams was the first man to ever have been killed by a robot. In 1979, Williams was struck by a robot arm in a local Ford factory, which killed him upon the strike. The uprising has to start somewhere.

Proving Them Wrong

In 1912, Franz Reichelt, an Austrain tailor, wanted to prove that he truly had found a way for human beings to fly. He jumped from the top of the Eiffel Tower, falling straight down and dying while trying to show everyone they were wrong.

Self Check Out

While inspecting the town’s sewage tanks herself, Monica Meyer, the mayor of Betterton, Maryland, drowned in human waste. The mayor was dead-set on making sure the town was running well all on her own.

Raining Cows

In 2013, Brazilian Jaoa Maria de Souza died when a cow crashed through his roof. de Souza was asleep at the time, so he never knew what hit him. Everyone else did, though.


Garry Hoy, a Canadian Lawyer, thought it was smart to throw himself against his office window to show it was truly unbreakable. Hoy was wrong. Dead wrong. He fell to his death from his office, which was on the 24th floor of the office building.

Sweet Death

In 1919, in what has become known as the Boston Molasses Disaster, twenty one people died after a massive tank of the fluid exploded, sending the sweetener across the entire city. They died a sweet death.