10 Selfie Gadgets You Won’t Believe Exist

There has been a rapid growth of dissent against the selfie culture these past few months, especially after the reveal of a shocking statistic that pointed out that more people died due to selfie-related disasters in comparison to shark attacks. Technology usually moves towards the prevailing trend, but for some reason there are more gadgets related to selfies than ever before. For those who are still hell bent on keeping this pointless and self-obsessive fad alive, here is a list of 10 gadgets that will help you take all kinds of selfies.

Selfie Toaster

Just in case it isn’t enough to have you face in a photograph, here is a gadget that will help you burn your mugshot on a piece of toast.

Baby Selfie App

If you are worried your one-year old isn’t up-to-date with the latest fads, here is an app to make sure that he/she is just as mundane as the rest of the world.

Belfie Stick

This is a classic derivative of a pointless concept. A ‘belfie’ is a behind-selfie, just in case you didn’t know, and now there is a stick that can help you capture a belfie specifically.

Selfie Brush

This one is just for the ladies! Putting two things you need together into one nifty gadget is the oldest marketing trick in the book. The selfie brush puts together two things some ladies adore – A comb and vanity.

3D Mayonnaise Selfie

This is a gadget that is an insult to anyone who is starving in the world at this point. Not only can you get mayonnaise printed specifically on your burger, you can also get it printed in the form of a selfie.

Selfie Mirror

Another gadget for the modern vain personality. If you are looking at your mirror and you think to yourself – “I look so good, I wish I could take a picture of myself right now”, this mirror actually allows you to do so.


This gadget is a variation of a selfie stick. Instead of using your arms to actually hold a stick up, you can simply stick it onto a surface and let the magic happen on its own.

Selfie Shirt

This is fortunately not a shirt that allows you to take selfies. In fact it is something even more ridiculous — it is a shirt that is supposed to help you look your best in selfies!

Selfie Hat

The name and accompanying picture is fairly self-explanatory in this context. It is a hat that helps you take selfies! If only it didn’t look like a hooker’s sombrero!

Selfie Drone

Drones can be just as annoying as selfies. Now that you put the two together, you can annoy twice the number of people using just one device. You can even get a picture of people being annoyed by using the selfie drone!