20 Group Painting Class Fails That Will Crack You Up

Zombie Attack

From Game of Thrones to The Walking Dead with this one, as this guy has created a post-apocalyptic world instead of the nice fall setting on the right. At least he was showing some creativity.

Batman Again

This person was not seeing the moon in the sky. Nope, they were seeing Batman and had to paint the symbol in place of the moon.

Football Stadium

This person seemed to have drank a little too much of the wine (or beer) when they were painting this stadium. The scoreboard has an angry face, but there seems to be a lot of anger in that stadium.

Leaning Tower of Penis

The woman in the middle seemed to have something on her mind that night, as her tower turned into a penis! We’re not sure why she painted that, but doesn’t it look majestic with the backdrop?