10 Strangest Things Fans Have Sent Celebrities

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Some celebrities and famous figures have such devoted and hardcore fans that many of them can become more like stalkers than simple followers of their work. One of the main ways this type of behavior can manifest itself is through the sending of fan mail through the post, although usually this just involves an admirer sending a letter or small gift to a person they look up to. In some cases though, fan mail can take on a slightly darker meaning and feeling, with people sending some truly bizarre and disgusting things into their heroes.

Severed Ear

Jared Leto, the actor who is set to portray The Joker in the upcoming movie Suicide Squad, was sent a severed ear in the post by a fan. It was unclear whose ear it was and why it had been sent but it did come with a note asking “Are you listening?” According to Leto, he turned it into a necklace.

Breast Implant

Star of The Walking Dead Norman Reedus was sent a silicon breast implant from one of his adorers. According to an accompanying note, the fan had sent it in to cheer him up and she thought that the actor had looked depressed recently.


Emma Watson has reported that she regularly receives Bibles in the mail from fans. She believes it is from religious followers who believe that the Harry Potter films are un-Christian for their depiction of black magic and witches.

A Rabbit Corpse

While touring in Japan as part of a world tour to support the release of a new album, Avril Lavigne was given a package from a fan. Upon opening it, she discovered that it contained a dead rabbit without any note explaining why it had been sent to her.


Kesha began receiving a small amounts of teeth from some dedicated fans several years ago and then began requesting them after she learned how to convert them into pieces of jewelry.

Letter Written In Menstrual Blood

Taecyeon, from the South Korean band 2PM, received an incredibly strange piece of fan mail in 2009 in the form of a letter written entirely in menstrual blood from a follower who deeply loved the musician and felt that this would give her a strong connection with him.

Pictures Of Their Own House

Daniel Radcliffe claims to have received several pieces of fan mail that include photographs of his own home. The enclosed letters explain that fans have taken them to prove just how close they were to him, with many of them showing fans just outside of his front door.

Human Skin

In a television interview in 2010, Zac Efron spoke about some of the strange things that fans had sent him. The most bizarre out of all of these was a letter that contained a piece of human skin.

A Dead Shark

According to reports, the Jonas Brothers received a dead shark from a group of fans. The small animal had been fully preserved inside a clear tube and sent without any reasoning or explanation, with the group expressing their surprise at the strange gift.

Cat Heart

Being such a distinctive and unique figure, you would probably expect Alice Cooper to be the recipient of a fair number of odd items sent in by fans. Probably the most bizarre of all of them was a bloodied cat hear that had been placed inside a tiny coffin.