20 Gluten Free Pasta Options And Alternatives

Carrot Noodles

Perfect for a cold or hot dishes, carrots instantly become noodles with the use of an easy operate spiralizer. Add some color to your next gluten free pasta dish with carrots!

Zucchini Noodles

Zucchini noodles are another favorite of spiralizer fans worldwide! Zucchini is very rich in Vitamin A, giving you a power packed nutritional gluten free pasta option!

Black Bean Noodles

With just black beans and water, black bean pasta is a splendid gluten free pasta option. The nutritional value of these noodles are five star — low carb, high fiber and extremely high protein make these noodles a winner.

Cassava Noodles

Cassava or yuca, which it’s also referred to as is a long tuberous starchy root. When combined with water, it makes a wonderful high fiber, gluten free pasta option!