20 Funny and Shocking Works of Body Art

Jesus is Doing the Cooking Tonight

Gather ’round the table and prepare to stuff yourselves, because Jesus is apparently conjuring up a miraculous dinner. Forget the loaves and fish—he’s blessing the spatula to give everyone the holiest pancakes ever.

“No R-E-G-E-R-T-S”

Hmm, is he thinking how much regret he has, now that the tattoo is done? Too bad the tattoo needle holders don’t come with spell-check, because it makes it sound like the first part of the word “regurgitate,” only spelled differently.

“Cyborg Innards”

Is this what we’d look like if all of us had robotic arms like this? It’d be body modification in a very extreme sense.

“Cyborg Innards 2”

…or would this be even more extreme? This could easily make you think of the “Matrix” movies or something. Can you just imagine how long it took to create this?