20 Surreal Photos That Shatter Reality

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An art form that captures the world through the vision of a single person, photography can tell a story worth more than words. Displaying the rich imagination of the artists, photos can shows us a different perspective on reality itself, giving us an experience that can only be achieved through surrealism. Captivating and unique, the following photos use the help of digital manipulation to bring a whole another dimension to photography, delivering surrealistic imagery that will make you question your reality.

Elephant With Butterfly Ears

This amazing art piece from Romanian photographer Caras Inout uses photo manipulation to open up photography to a world of new possibilities, presenting us what we already know – an elephant, in a unique perspective – having butterfly ears.

Self-Portrait of a Broken Man

Shared through the popular photography network 500px, this unique surrealistic self-portrait tells the story of a man, broken to pieces, trying to understand his own mind. Something we’ve all experienced at some point in our lives.

Road Workers

This Man versus Nature photo is a unique representation of the extraordinary relationship between human kind and the effect we have on our surroundings. Presented by Frank Uyttenhove, this surrealistic image is the true definition of a mind-bending photography.

Girl With Wild Hair

A surrealistic photo from advertising and fashion guru Christophe Gilbert, this imagery focuses on the duality of a person – calm, yet wild. Through the flawless transition achieved in the photo, Gilbert manages to captivate us without the use of words.

The Deer Forest

A surrealistic photo from Bert Monroy, this image manages to change our perception for reality and leave us enchanted.

Workers in a Toaster

This weird representation of how your toaster works is presented by Australian award-winning visualization studio Staudinger + Franke.

Inflated Head

Sometimes the stress that comes with building a successful career can make your head blow up. This photographic manipulation manages to show just that.

Head Change

With the help of digital photo manipulation, Martin De Pasquale manages to achieve what no one else can – changing his head like a light bulb.

A Fight on The Phone

Sometimes, arguing with someone over the phone can be a painful experience. This surrealistic photo captures the feeling most of us have had, but could never quite put into words.

Independence Photography

This piece of surrealistic photography comes from Kathrina Jung. Converting her unique daydreams into reality with the help of digital manipulation, the artist manages to achieve this mind-bending picture of a woman pulling a cloud.

Surrealistic Self-Portrait

This surrealistic self-portrait of artist Frank Carneos expresses the duality in faces we often see in our everyday lives.

Showering With Rain

This captivating photo manipulation comes from artist Diggie Vitt. A man showering with rain is an imagery that manages to make us experience a refreshing feeling combined with daydreaming.

The Man With The Flower

Another surrealistic photo from Diggie Vitt, this art piece focuses on romance, purity and devotion.

Love Under Water

This outstanding photo manipulation from Thomas Barbèy presents us with a unique perspective of love, under water – a walk on the seaside, yet under the water of a pool.

Surrealistic Field

This breathtaking surrealistic photo is captured by Oleg Oprisco, an Ukranian artists, who manages to achieve this thought-proving imagery with the simple use of an elegant woman and a $50 camera.

Dare to Dream

Another breathtaking surrealistic photo by Caras Inout, this imagery manages to bring dreaming to life, whilst giving us a slight sense of nostalgia for our limitless imagination and childhood.

Create Your Own Path

Create Your Own Path is one of the most famous, inspiring and reality-shattering photo manipulations to date. Presented by artist Erik Johansson, this imagery is simply breath-taking.

Painting The Sea

Another amazing piece of surrealistic photographic manipulation by Erik Johansson, this piece gives us a new perspective on the world around us.

Suspended Reality

Doing all his editing on an iPhone with the use of apps, such as VSCO Cam, ArtStudio and Snapseed, Robert Jahns manages to show that it doesn’t take expensive equipment to create captivating surrealistic photography.

The Demons Inside of Us

Depicting the skeletons we all have in a rather demonic way, this piece of surrealistic photography shows us that sometimes beauty doesn’t mean a happy soul.

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