20 Fashion Statements From The 80’s That Still Make You Laugh Today

Neon Everything

Everything was neon in the 80’s, from shirts to jewelry and workout wear. There was neon in the hair, on the nails and even on the feet. Neon sometimes makes a summer return each year, but never as popular as it was in the 80’s.

The Walkman

This guy is just covered in horrible 80’s cliches, but The Walkman was a clunky cassette player that is replaced today by iPods of various, much smaller, sizes.


In the 80’s spandex was a right, not a privilege, although many people that shouldn’t have worn them did. Guys, don’t even try it!


The biggest accessory of the 80’s, even for adults, was the Swatch watch. Want to be popular and stylish? Get one of these hideous plastic watches!