20 Famous People You Didn’t Know Did Bad Things

Charlie Chaplin

Everyone remembers Charlie Chaplin as the screen legend who made people laugh. What most don’t know was that once upon a time he got actress Lita Grey pregnant – when she refused an abortion, he was forced to marry her. He was 35 years old… she was only 15.

Jack Gantos

Jack Gantos, creator of characters like Rotten Ralph and Jack Pigza, won the Newberry Medal for his children’s fiction. While he writes for kids, he as done some very adult things in his life, including participating in a gang of counterfeiters and drug dealers that landed him in jail in the twelfth grade.

Kiefer Sutherland

Who didn’t admire the badass tenacity of Kiefer Sutherland’s Jack Bauer on the hit TV show 24? Then again, who would admire a man who has been arrested a total of four times for driving under the influence… may be if he took a cab once in a while.

Don King

If Don King isn’t famous for promoting some of the biggest names in boxing like Muhammad Ali, then he is definitely famous for that crazy hair of his. What he isn’t famous for for is the fact that once, he stomped a man to death.