20 Famous People Who Have Weird Dirty Secrets

A person can be famous for all sorts of reasons such as being president or acting in a movie or inventing something important to modern society. The strange thing is that when you do something truly impactful your entire reputation and image seems to be surrounded by these deeds and acts. But people are people – there is more to everyone than just the things we see on the surface, and that goes for famous folks too. Unfortunately, some of these quirky little secrets can be more embarrassing than others.

Ulysses S. Grant

The former military leader and U.S. president did a great deal for his nation including supporting African-American equality and post-Civil War economic prosperity. He also refused to let anyone see him naked – and he liked to brag about it.

James Watson

Molecular biologist, geneticist, and zoologist James Watson won the Nobel Prize for helping to discover the structure of DNA; he also helped found the Human Genome Project. But even though the HGP has never found any correlations between race and intelligence, Watson has stated that he believed black people are less intelligent than white people.

Charlie Chaplin

The silent film actor had an illustrious on screen career that earned him pop-culture immortality as well as an honorary Oscar. While he brought joy to audiences across the last century, he was a filthy guy – to audition his female co-stars, he would ask them to sit naked on a couch, mime fondling them, and then throw custard pies at them.

John Quincy Adams

The 6th U.S. President was one of the authors of the Monroe Doctrine, a vocal opponent of slavery, and he believed in the existence of mole people. During his presidency, he authorized an expedition to the center of the Earth to establish diplomacy with these “Mole people.”