20 Everyday Solutions That Actually Cause Problems

Life is tough but there are plenty of easy little things you can do on a daily basis to make things better for yourself… or so you thought. Even the things that you find most trivial can actually be detrimental to you, whether you realize it or not. From your daily cleaning habits to the way you train your dog. Sure the truth can be scary, but hearing this stuff can be in your best interest.

Shouting At Your Dog

It initially seems to make sense to shout at your dog to get it to stop barking – making sure you’re at a higher volume will ensure you get heard, right? But when a dog barks, it sees your shouting as you agreeing with its behavior instead of condemning it.

The Snooze Button

Most people think that the snooze button is the morning godsend that allows for ten extra glorious minutes of sleep. Contrary to popular belief, hitting Snooze increases sleep inertia that makes you feel horribly groggy in the morning.


While coming together in a group to have a tête–à–tête is the age old way of coming up with good ideas, it actually isn’t that effective. You’re better off with everyone coming up with his or her own ideas and comparing notes after the fact.

Going Organic

So you want to go organic to help yourself stay healthy and avoid all of those harmful pesticides? Nice try – organic foods are covered with non-synthetic pesticides that are actually more toxic than synthetic pesticides.