20 Everyday Items That Are More Disgusting Than A Toilet

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The most normal thing in the world to do when you are in the bathroom is to wash your hands before leaving to clean off all the germs. However, you may be more exposed to disgusting things that you touch daily, which are worse than the bathroom’s toilet. Unfortunately, bacteria and germs collect and gather around in most areas such as the computer’s keyboard, your toothpaste and even on your soap. The list below provides some information on the most disgusting things you touch daily that are more gross than your toilet.

Ice Cubes

If you drink at restaurants with ice in your cup, then you have probably been exposed to various different types of bacteria. According to a study, about 70 percent of ice cubes from restaurants have more bacteria on it than your toilet water.

Your Desk

Your office desk can be a really disgusting place if you eat and drink while doing work. Reports show that your desk probably has 400 times more bacteria than the average toilet.

The Computer’s Keyboard

If you are touching your keyboard after eating without washing your hands, chances are food particles have gotten stuck between the keys. For this reason, it’s possible for keyboards to have as much as 200 times more bacteria, on and between the keys, than what is found on the toilet seat.

Your Smartphone

Mobile devices get tossed and laid down in a variety of places, which puts them in contact with a variety of different types of bacteria. This is why these small devices have up to 10 times more bacteria than your home’s toilet seat.

Your Toothbrush

Do not leave your toothbrush out uncovered in your bathroom. It is possible for toilet germs to travel as far as 6 feet once the toilet is flushed. This means that the bacteria in your toilet can get on your toothbrush.


Doorknobs can have some of the most disgusting bacteria on them from people coming in and out. It is possible for dust and food particles to still be on your hand and transfer onto the doorknobs.

The Bathtub

Even after you clean your bathtub, it’s possible that there is still around 19,500 particles of bacteria around the drain. It is essential that you clean around the drain area to remove any excess dirt that may have gathered upon it.


Money travels around the world and has been to some places you would never want to go. For this reason, it’s possible for money to come into contact with more than 200,000 types of bacteria. If you don’t want to end up sick, wash your hands after handling the money.

Your Purse

If you are one of those people that throw stuff into your purse and have a lot of loose items at the bottom, then it’s possible that it is contaminated. The money, phone and other items are probably dirty and even though your handbag looks clean, it’s probably a breeding ground for bacteria

Kitchen Sponges

Research shows that kitchen sponges are among the most dirtiest things found in your homes. More than 10 million types of bacteria gather on the sponge per square inch, making it millions of times more filthy than your toilet.

Kitchen Cutting Board

Believe it or not, researchers at the University of Arizona examined kitchen cutting boards and determined that they have 200 more times of fecal bacteria than your toilet seat. This means that the fluids from cutting up raw meat still live and breed inside the tiny crevices even after they have been washed. It is recommended that two tablespoons of bleach should be added to your cleaning solution when washing the cutting boards to eliminate most of the fecal bacteria.

Faucet Handles

Faucet handles are breeding grounds for bacteria as well. Because you have to touch them to turn on the water after you use the toilet. For this reason, they should be disinfected regularly.

Your Outdoor Grill

The grill is considered nasty because of all the food and juices left behind after it is used. The bacteria are feasting upon the remains of your last BBQ. Use a grill scrubber to help scrape off the leftover food to ensure it’s clean before using again.

The Clean Laundry

Gerba research found that the washing machine actually transfers around 500 million E. coli bacteria to your clean clothes. This is especially true for front-loading machines as water settles on the bottom, enabling germs to breed. Keep your machine clean by washing a load while using chlorine bleach.

Elevator Buttons

Over 90 percent of all elevator buttons contain some type of germs that could lead to sinus infections, according to a South Arabia study. If you use elevators often, consider keeping hand sanitiser with you to clean your hands after touching the buttons.

The ATM Buttons

Instead of leaving the ATM with cash, you could be taking home some type of virus. The average ATM has up to 1,200 different types of bacteria. When possible, wear gloves to take money out of the machine.

The Gas Pump

If you find yourself sick all of a sudden, it’s possible those germs came for the gas pump. According to a study performed by Kimberley-Clarke, over 70 percent of diseases spread come from the gas pump. So don’t forget to keep some type of hand sanitizer with you at all times.

Your Remote Control

The remote control is one of the most treasured items in the house. However, it’s also one of the most touched and germy items as well. Although the remote is used often, it’s rarely cleaned. This means that it has possibly been contaminated with various different types of bacteria, which can lead to infections.

The Carpet

Carpet is disgusting and yet nearly all homes have them. Vacuums do not rid carpet or rugs of all the dirt, food, pollen, pet dander, germs and bacteria. For this reason, it is essential that they are cleaned regularly.

Your Soap

It is essential that you clean off the soap after using it. If not, then it’s possible for the germs you just removed from your body to breed on your soap. In addition, if you keep the soap on the sink next to the toilet, then bacteria can contaminate it as well.