10 Most Ridiculously Common Science Myths

Mythbusting might be our favorite activity, so we’ve gathered the ten most common myths usually told to us by our families or friends that we usually accept as a given, not even aware of just how wrong we are. Some of them might surprise you, some will make you laugh and some will just make you double check all you’ve thought was right up until this moment. Here’s our list of the ten most ridiculously common science myths.

Evolutionary Improvements

Maybe the most common misconception about evolution tells us that it causes something to go from “lower” to “higher”. Actually, evolution is just a case of natural selection that eliminates the weak. Many organisms haven’t changed for centuries – fungi, sharks, mosses all look the same as they did a long time ago. Some creatures’ environment changed so much they went from better to worse. Even humans are sometimes thought to go backwards more than forwards.

Humans Pop In Space

Supposedly, when exposed to the vacuum of space, the human body pops. Based mostly on sci fi movies, this myth made everyone think we’ll pop if ever go in to the vacuum of space without a space suit, when in fact we could survive almost half a minute without fainting.