20 Daily Struggles Women With Big Butts Understand

Having a huge booty is largely popular these days (no pun intended) as evidenced by its enormous presence in popular culture with women like Beyonce, Nicki Minaj, and Kim Kardashian sporting their giant derrieres proudly. And yet, as lauded as prominent posteriors are they’re not always a joy for the ladies who have them. As amazing as it can be to have a sizeable rear-end, there are plenty of uphill battles that these lucky women have to deal with on a daily basis.

Stretch Of The Imagination

Stretch pants are the easiest things in the whole world to wear, and with good reason: they’re incredibly comfortable. The trouble is that just because they’re stretchy in some places doesn’t mean they’re extra stretchy in others – big booty women have a hard time wearing stretch pants out in public without attracting lots of wandering eyes.

Cracking Up

You might not be a plumber, but that doesn’t mean you don’t suffer from their infamous dilemma. Unless you’ve found the time to get your pants tailored, squatting down will show everyone near you a part of you that you probably won’t want them to see.

Skirting The Issue

There are few things more fun and feminine to wear than a little skirt, but with a big bum you usually show off more than the other girls. No matter how much or how hard you pull down that sexy mid-length skirt, it will always sneak its way to being mini.

A Rose By Any Other Name

Nicknames can be lots of fun within a circle of friends, but sometimes its hard to find where the good-natured jokes end and the deep-cutting ones begin. It is definitely worth congratulating you if you can proudly where the “Big Booty (Insert Name Here)” moniker.

Getting the Skinny

Skinny jeans are the most adorable clothing fad except that its ability to flatter is extremely deceptive. Unfortunately the majority of skinny jeans are low-rise, which means there is little to no real room for your biggest assets to fit into. If you are lucky enough to get that zipper all the way up, the likelihood that the dreaded muffin top will rear its ugly head is a big one.

A Girdle ‘Round About The Earth

Since you’re more likely to find pants that fit only the butt and not the waist, the belt is likely your favorite invention of all time. If you’ve got a large behind, than your belt loops certainly have their fair share of battle scars against the forces of gravity.

Under Construction

Wolf-whistling construction workers are such a painful cliche reserved for trashy cartoons… unless you’ve got the proverbial junk in the trunk. Avoiding becoming the target of this cliche is the reason you’ll walk blocks in the wrong direction to avoid construction sites.

Needle and Thread Wizardry

If you’re not the type to suffer gallantly through ill fitting clothes, then you’ve become familiar with the ins and outs of hemming. Whether you’ve got the skills to do it yourself or you take your clothes to the tailor, its amazing a little bit of extra thread can do for the well-endowed behind.

Sir Mix-a-Lot’s Best Girl

Its a popular song and everyone loves to sing along when it comes on the radio or at the club. Yeah, its all fun and games until your friends point at you during the song and expect you to exploit your better parts for their amusement.

Anti-Thong Song

Men find thongs exciting, but as intriguing as they are to look at, they are not so much better to wear. The only thing harder than trying to get a large piece of fabric to fit across that behind is trying to keep a little piece of fabric from disappearing in it.

Shopper’s Anxiety

Despite the fact that curvier women are more prevalent than ever, its rare to find a manufacturer that makes clothes for such women. If you’ve got the goods and you also happen to defy the odds and find a pair of jeans that fit, you should probably start buying lottery tickets.

In Living Color

Any woman who has some real size to her has heard that dark colors are what you should wear because they are more slimming. If you are a lady with a big behind who is unafraid to flaunt those cute pink jeans or those sexy white slacks, than you deserve a round of applause.

Wedged In

Curves are sexy, but their physics make most clothes a headache to wear but none more than the harmless seeming shorts. Especially on hot and sweaty days, pulling bits of shorts out of your nether regions is never a sensation you get comfortable with.

Jump and Tug

If you’re blessed with a large booty, then you are likely well acquainted with your arch-nemesis Sir Isaac Newton. People might think you crazy or amusing, but one of the best ways to combat pesky gravity is with the amazing jump and tug – if you know the term then you likely have or know someone who has a prominent posterior.

Laundry Dread

Everyone loves clean clothes, but at the expense of being able to wear them? Girls with big back know that its a constant gamble washing clothes, especially jeans. The ultimate question becomes: Are the clothes getting smaller or is your butt getting bigger?

Abutting The Problem

Compromising your personal space is happenstance when you go to the movies or live sporting events, but its an even bigger reality when you’ve got bigger than an average behind. Its definitely a struggle when trying to decide between sitting at the end of the row or likely embarrassing yourself when you have to get up and go to the bathroom.

Stairway To Heaven

No one likes putting their rear in a stranger’s face but its kind of inevitable when you’re walking up a crowded staircase. If you’ve got some extra junk in the trunk, there’s that much more to be worried about being shoved in some unfamiliar’s face.

No Size Fits All

Finding jeans that fit can be a nightmare, but finding a dress that fits can be equally scary. Since your big bum puts your size on top and your size on bottom at odds, dresses and other clothes made out of non-stretch fabric are usually way out of the question.

Working It Out

Having a big butt can being a curse as well as a blessing – the bigger it is the more likely it is to sink to floor as time goes on. Girls like you have to put in extra time on that Stair Master when you go to the gym to make sure gravity doesn’t get the better of you or your assets.

Dance Dance Revolution

Maybe you find twerking disgusting or maybe you think its the most fun in the whole world. Whatever your opinion is, if you have the goods below the belt that you’ve definitely tried your hand at it, whether you want to admit it or not.