20 Crazy Things Doctors Have Found Inside People’s Bodies

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Doctors, nurses and other medical professionals often find surprising things inside human bodies. Whether the person has intentionally inserted something inside themselves or they have had the misfortune to accidentally lodge an item within their bodies without knowing, having a foreign object within your body can be a very dangerous situation. The item can cause infections, alter the chemical balance or cause other health problems. This means that doctors will often have to rush to get the object out as soon as possible, often with the help of surgery.

Medical Instruments

You would hope that surgeons and all those involved in dangerous medical procedures would be incredibly meticulous, taking extreme care of all of the tools and ensuring that they don’t leave anything behind when they are done. Unfortunately, it is not an entirely unheard of for surgeons to leave some of their instruments in patients following surgery. In the case of 57-year-old Daryoush Mazarei, she had a pair of 10-inch tweezers in her abdomen that were causing significant pain. They were removed and surgeons managed to not leave anything else inside her.

Live Frogs

Yang Dincai has long extolled the virtues of eating live animals. The man from southeast China has been swallowing small frogs and rats for more than 40 years and has persuaded many others to do the same to solve a variety of health problems. When Jiang Musheng came to him to discuss his stomach pains, Dingcai almost immediately suggested that the man eat live tree frogs, something he did after seeing Dingcai swallow one whole. This left doctors confused when they later discovered the frogs during a routine scan.

Rusty Knife

Li Fuyan spent 3 years of his unknowingly carrying around a 4-inch knife in his head. During a robbery, he had attempted to stop the criminal and was stabbed through his throat during the ensuing scuffle. Afterwards, Li believed that the robber must have taken the knife with him and only complained about some bleedings in his throat or occasional problems with swallowing. When he eventually went to hospital, doctors found the blade in his head. It had luckily missed major arteries and nerves and not caused any significant damage to the surrounding tissue.

Plastic Fork

John Manley had been suffering from a constant cough and worsening breathing problems for months before he finally decided to go to hospitals. He explained to doctors how he had even passed out in public due to his coughing fits, leading to doctors rushing an x-ray of his chest as they feared he may have lung cancer or other serious lung problems. The scan showed what appeared to be a growth but when it was surgically removed it turned out to be a piece of plastic fork that had been swallowed from a fast food outlet.

Buzz Lightyear

Parents constantly have to watch out for what their children are putting in their mouths, simply because of the fact that they don’t know how dangerous eating non-edible items can be. Youngsters will often try to swallow all sorts of items. Toys are a common item of choice for kids and one actually managed to swallow a rather large Buzz Lightyear figure from Toy Story that had to be surgically removed.


Margaret Daalman had to go to hospital and have surgery to remove a collection of forks and spoons from her stomach, digestive system and throat after the Netherlands woman had swallowed them. Eating strange items isn’t a particularly rare event. In Fact, one neurological disorder known as pica can be very common in women and can occur due to chemical imbalances or an iron deficiency. It generally causes the sufferer to eat substances that are not nutritious and not really edible.

Coke Bottle

During a burglary, a 60-year-old man claimed that he was sexually abused by the men who had entered his home. A few days later he went to hospital complaining of intense pain in his abdomen and constipation. Doctors scanned the elderly victim and found that he had a full sized coke bottle inside his colon that was entirely intact that required specialist equipment to remove. The man believes that the burglars must have inserted the bottle during the ordeal.

Live Grenade

Private Channing Moss was on patrol in the Paktika Province in Afghanistan when Taliban fighters ambushed him along with his fellow soldiers. They fired several rocket-propelled grenades at the troops and one stuck Moss in the abdomen. While this would usually be fatal for the victim and anyone around him, the grenade did not explode for some reason leaving Moss with a live explosive device in his stomach. He was then taken to an army hospital where surgeons and bomb disposal experts managed to remove the grenade safely.

Prison Supplies

Prisoners will often attempt to smuggle items into prison as they know that they might be able to trade valuable goods with other inmates or take in substances that wouldn’t otherwise be available. The types of items will usually be a cell phone or some drugs. One man in Florida though went to extremes by hiding pills, cigarettes, matches, flint, lip balm, condoms and even a syringe in his rectum. Officials found the contraband in his body after they noticed him walking strangely and complaining of pain.

Donny Osmond Poster

This particular health issue became something of a viral hit in England after it turned up on the BBC program Bizarre ER. In it, the woman had went to the hospital as she was experiencing severe pain in her pelvic area and genitals. Fearing that she may have an infection or a foreign object stuck inside her, doctors examined the woman and found that she had a large rolled-up poster of Donny Osmond inserted inside her for unknown reasons.


Arguments between couples can lead to plenty of problems. Heated words might get said that they later regret, personal belongings might get destroyed or a loved one may do something very stupid. This happened to one woman from China when she attempted to get her partner to listen to her by eating a collection of 20 small stones. After spending several days in intense pain and failing to excrete any of the stones naturally, she went to hospital where surgeons removed every stone from her digestive system.

Sex Toy

A woman in Scotland entered a hospital complaining of trouble with urinating as well as a burning sensation in her genitals. Upon closer inspection, a doctor found that the woman had a sex toy lodged in her vagina and that it was likely the cause of all of the problems. Shockingly, the sex toy had been there for 10 years after the woman admitted the last time she had used one was with her husband after a drunken night out a decade earlier.


Hairballs are common in animals such as cats as they eat off floors and accumulate hair, dust and fluff from cleaning themselves and from the food they consume. It’s far rarer for humans to suffer from hairballs but that is exactly what happened in Chicago when an 18-year-old woman visited her local hospital complaining of stomach pains. Scans showed an extensive mass in her stomach and she was taken straight to surgery. Doctors then discovered that the growth was in fact a 10-pound hairball. It turns out that the woman had a habit of chewing her own hair, leading to the strange health problem.


Nail guns can be dangerous tools if used by someone who is not properly trained. But even in the right hands they can still prove to be problematic to handle as Dante Autullo found out. While carrying out some building work, he accidentally discharged the gun and fired a nail straight at his head. With no obvious wound, everyone simply assumed that the nail had missed — but after 36 hours he was suffering from severe headaches and so visited hospital. Doctors found a 3-inch nail lodged in his brain.


Ask almost any doctor or nurse what is the strangest thing they have ever removed from a person and there is a good chance it will be an odd item that has been lodged in someone’s rectum. It’s something of a common occurrence for medical professionals and its takes a lot for them to consider a case all that crazy. One that did, though, was the case of a person who went to A&E to report pain in his rectum. Upon examination, it became clear that he had inserted a rather larger vibrator inside himself before trying to retrieve it with salad tongs and other smaller items.

Live Shell

What do you do if you have very bad hemorrhoids but don’t want to get treatment or go to the hospital. If you are a World War Two veteran you might just use a live shell to shove the hemorrhoids back in, a procedure that most doctors wouldn’t recommend. However, one time didn’t go exactly as planned and the veteran managed to get the shell stuck in his rectum. What made the matter all the more scary was the fact the former soldier didn’t inform the doctors that the shell was live and could explode, leaving them with little choice but to bring in the bomb squad.

Baby Squid

A 63-year-old South Korean woman had to go to hospital after eating squid when she experienced sharp pain in her mouth. When doctors examined the mouth, they found tiny squid-like creatures buried in her tongue and cheek. They later discovered that they were cephalopods that had been released by the squid she had eaten when it wasn’t completely dead, meaning the woman was essentially the host for the organisms. This case wasn’t unique, as similar problems have affected people eating raw sea food in the past, though it is something that is almost exclusive to Asia where fish and squid is routinely eaten intact and uncooked.


Some couples like to experiment in the bedroom to help liven up their sex lives. This particular couple probably went a little bit too far though as it required extensive hospital treatment and surgery to solve the problems they caused. During one night, a 20-year-old male allowed his boyfriend to pour liquid concrete into his rectum using a funnel. The mixture has then hardened, causing a good deal of pain as it set in his colon.


When Rosemary Alvarez arrived at hospital she was taken almost immediately to the emergency room for immediate surgery. This was because the doctors realized that her symptoms, head pain and neurological problems, indicated that she may have a brain tumor. While carrying out the emergency surgery, the medical personnel discovered that her issues were not being caused by a growth but a large tapeworm that had made its way to the brain after being ingesting contaminated food.

A Fetus

Sanju Bhagat from Nagpur, India had suffered from a huge growth in his stomach his entire life. He and his family had no idea what was wrong with him and Bhagat simply went about his life without worrying too much about the issue. However, when he was rushed to hospital with breathing difficulties doctors believed that the stomach issue was likely the cause and thought the only explanation could be a large tumor. They were wrong though, as they found that the growth was in fact a fully formed fetus that Bhagat had absorbed while he was in the womb.