20 Crazy Russian Superstitions You Won’t Believe

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Russia is the largest country in the entire world and as a result, has a long and colored history. Over the years, the natives have amassed a number of strange superstitions, founded on ancient practices. Despite the strange way they appear to the rest of the world, for the Russians, these superstitions are just a part of everyday life and by following these unwritten rules, natives believe they have warded off bad luck for years and years.

Having A Birthday Party

If your birthday falls during the week, you should only celebrate it over the following weekend. To have a party on the day of your birthday is considered very bad luck in Russia and giving birthday wishes to someone before the day is even worse.

Returning To Find Forgotten Things

We’ve all experienced the annoyance of having to return home to pick up a forgotten object but if you’re in Russia, it’s a huge no-no. Returning to collect something that you have forgotten is considered to be a very bad omen and if the trip really has to be done, you should never look in a mirror on the way out.

Birds Landing On Windowsills

Birds might be beauties of the skies but if they land anywhere near a windowsill, beware. In Russia, it is considered very bad luck when a bird lands on a windowsill and if it taps on your window, people believe it is an omen for death.

Crowing Chickens

Try and avoid chickens before noon; if the bird crows at you three times before the clock strikes 12, you can expect a family member to die within two weeks. In order to avoid further bad luck, you should kill and then eat the chicken.

Stepping Over People On The Ground

Stepping over someone, or parts of their body, when they are on the ground, is considered a huge taboo in Russia. Should do you it, it is said that the person on the ground will not grow any further and to prevent this, you need to step backwards over them.

Sitting At Table Corners When Unmarried

Singletons have even more reason to feel uncomfortable at dinner parties in Russia. If you’re unmarried, sitting at the corners of a table will prevent you from getting hitched in the future.

Women With Empty Buckets

If you see a woman with empty buckets walking towards you, beware. Women walking in this way are thought of as bad omens and if you come face to face with a bucket holder, you could face some very bad luck.

Walking On Different Sides Of A Tree

Groups of two people should stick to the same side of a tree when walking together. Splitting up could spell bad things for both parties and places a bad omen for the future.

Breaking Bread With Your Hands

Breaking bread in Russia is a mealtime ritual but make sure you’ve got a knife in hand. Taking a loaf of bread to break with your hands signifies that your life is going to break and if you go through with it, it could spell very bad things for the future.

Using The Same Towel

Two or more people using the same towel at the same time in Russia is very bad luck. To do so is to create huge conflict in your life and should be avoided at all times.

Tripping On Your Left Foot

Despite their obsession with bad luck and omens, the Russians do have a few lucky acts out there. If you trip over your left foot, it is said to bring great things in the future. Just make sure you know your left from your right.

Licking Food Off A Knife

Licking food off your knife isn’t just a nasty habit in Russia. If you do so during a meal, people believe that you will turn into a cruel person. No wonder the Russians have such impeccable table manners!

Shaking Hands Through A Threshold

If you shake hands with someone or hand an object over the threshold of a room, take care. Doing so is said to bring very bad luck and could cost you a lot more than a package.

Whistling In A House

If you’re feeling particularly happy in Russia and feel like breaking into a whistle, make sure you’re not in a house. Whistling when you’re at home is said to bring misfortune on any people who are living there and could cost you your family relationships.

Walking Under Someone’s Arm

If you walk under someone’s arm when you’re growing, you must immediately go back under the arm in the opposite direction. If you don’t do this, it is said that you will never grow to full height, instead stopping at the size you already are.

Complementing A Baby

Before a baby is two months old, strangers should not look at it or give it a compliment. Instead, it is acceptable to insult the baby’s looks and hopefully, retract your cruel comments at a later date.

Crossing A Funeral Procession

Funeral processions are very important omens in Russia. If you see one in the distance, it is very lucky but you should make sure never cross a procession in action. To do so is very bad luck and could spell bad things to come.

Talking About Future Success

Boasting about talents or talking about your future success is not just a social no-no in Russia. Doing so could lead to bad things for your future and instead, it is believed that you should either say nothing or talk yourself down.

Stepping On Someone’s Foot

If someone accidentally steps on your foot, don’t be surprised if they tread lightly on the other one afterwards. Standing on feet in Russia is very bad luck and lightly stepping on the other enables you to avoid future conflict.

Making Your Bed Before An Exam

Before leaving for an exam, it is frowned upon to make your bed for the fear of cursing your results. In fact, Russians don’t believe in wearing anything new or cutting your fingernails on days of exams, fearing they will upset a balance somewhere if they do.