20 Crazy Pictures Of Animals Without Hair

Pets can be commonly described in some adjectives: cute, adorable and furry! It’s easy to recognize these common animals–and why not? We’ve been taught their names since we were probably three years old. However, imagine the animals without fur. We don’t think about it much now, but without hair, animals are almost unrecognizable. They look like completely alien species! Still, plenty of these hairless animals are still bred kept as pets, even without their famous fluff. Check out these following twenty animals without hair and see how many you can recognize.


This kangaroo, named Sabrina, was unfortunately abandoned by her mother as a baby. Kangaroos need to stay in their mother’s pouch until they are old enough (and grow enough hair) before coming out.


Unfortunately, discrimination is present in the animal kingdom too. A bald penguin was rejected by his mother for not having any hair at a Chinese zoo.


This is a hairless chimpanzee with alopecia, a rare condition resulting in complete hair loss. The illness can also affect human beings.


Dolores the bear and her other female companions lost all their hair. It’s thought to be a rare genetic condition. She looks completely unrecognizable without her fur!