20 Completely Bizarre Rituals Within Sports

John Henderson

Football is a very contact heavy sport and John Henderson likes to get the first hit out of the way as soon as possible. Before a game, John Henderson would have an assistant team member slap him across the face. This ritual helps him get pumped up before a game.

Jason Terry

The night before a game Jason Terry will wear the opposing team’s shorts. Jason will have a pair of every team shorts on the ready when the season starts.

Serena Williams

Serena Williams is a massive name in the world of Tennis and she has one ritual that sticks, literally. Tennis is a sport that requires moving around consistently and we imagine, it doesn’t take long before many of us start to sweat in our shoes causing us to toss those socks away as soon as possible. However, for Serena Williams, those socks, especially in tournaments, never leave her feet. This Tennis athlete refuses to change socks during any tournament.

Sergio Goycochea

Goalie Sergio Goyochea doesn’t let nerves get the best of him before a penalty kick. However, before each pitch for a penalty kick Sergio Goyochea would urinate. Luckily, Sergio has been known for doing a decent job when it comes to penalty kicks.