10 Genetic Anomalies That Are Simply Bizarre

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There are plenty of people who have two different colored eyes, or perhaps a one of their fingers is a bit shorter than the rest. Some people were even born with a tail on their back, which doctors ended up removing through surgery shortly after birth. Unfortunately, the genetic anomalies don’t stop there, as there are thousands upon thousands of people around the world dealing with some truly bizarre properties on their bodies. Everything from an entire third leg to enlarged body parts. Here are ten genetic anomalies that are just too bizarre to even consider.

Foot Nipple

Having an extra nipple on your chest isn’t too unusual, but having a full-sized one on the sole of your foot is definitely odd. 26-year-old Lily Allen, of Brazil, was found to have a nipple on the bottom of her foot.

Three Legs

Born in 1881 in Sicily, Italy, Frank Lentini became famous for having three legs. The deformity came as the result of a partially absorbed conjoined twin. The twin was attached to the base of his spine. He had 16 toes in total, and 2 sets of working male sex organs.

Giant Hand

Known officially as macrodactyly, localized gigantism is quite rare. In 2007, Lui Hua, of China, was hospitalized after his left thumb and index finger were 10 inches and 12 inches, respectively.

Progressive Lipodystrophy

Progressive Lipodystrophy, otherwise known as the reverse Benjamin Button syndrome, makes the sufferer appear older than they truly are. There have only been 200 cases reported from this bizarre condition.

The Elephant Man

Joseph Merrick, an Englishman suffering from a genetic anomaly that made him known as The Elephant Man, had thickened skin that was lumpy. His face appeared to have be similar to that of an elephant.

Harlequin Ichthyosis

Harlequin Ichthyosis is highly rare and more often than not completely fatal. The skin disorder is usually found on babies, and is known for thick plates of skin with deep red fissures covering the entire body.


Cyclopia, another rare condition, is characterized by a singular eye in the center of the face, instead of two normal eyes. It is more frequent in animals than humans, but a baby in India was born in 2006 with just one eye.

Tailed Man

Chandre Oram, an Indian tea estate worker, became famous for having a 13 inch long tail. Locals thought he was the reincarnation of Hanuman, a Hindu god. In reality, the tail was a malformation known as spina bifida.

Uner Tan Syndrome

Uner Tan Syndrome was named after Turkish evolutionary biologist Uner Tan, who discovered this rare condition. With Uner Tan, people walk on all fours, develop speech problems, and suffer severe mental retardation. Only a few cases are known, and they are all in Turkey.

Fish Odor Syndrome

Those suffering from Fish Odor Syndrome, a highly rare metabolic disorder, experience an unbearable smell that resembles rotten fish, rotten eggs, garbage, or urine on their bodies at all times.